5 Common Mistakes for Spring Cleaning (And How to Fix Them!)

by emilysmaids - March 24, 2024

5 Common Mistakes for Spring Cleaning (And How to Fix Them!) - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hi Everyone and welcome back to Emily’s Maids! Spring officially started! Let’s read 5 common mistakes for spring cleaning and how to fix them!

First of all, we’re so excited to see Spring finally starting! After every winter in Dallas, we are always looking forward to warmer temperatures, spring events and outdoor activities.

We have so many beautiful places to visit, from the Dallas Museum of Art, to the Trinity Forst Adventure Park and the Dallas Zoo.

However, it’s also the perfect time for some house cleaning. Spring cleaning is exciting for many people because you get to give your home a refreshed, clean vibe. But unless you’re a professional cleaner, you may not know how to start or what mistakes you should avoid.

We’ve created several spring cleaning checklists in the past, so we thought that this year we’d come up with common errors in organization and execution, and how to avoid them. Without further ado, let’s find out how to avoid mistakes for spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Mistake #1: Starting Without a Plan

Like every major task, it’s important to start everything with a plan to save time and energy in the long run. Cleaning is overwhelming for many people, especially if you haven’t cleaned your home in a while.

If you start out without a plan, you will jump from every room to the other and you will soon feel overwhelmed. This is one of the most common spring cleaning mistakes.

To successfully create a spring cleaning plan, you need to calculate 1.5x the amount of hours you will need for each task. If you thought you’d need 30 minutes for sweeping floors, make it 45 minutes. If you planned 3 hours of cleaning in total, make it 4.5 hours.

There are hundreds of guides on the internet, but feel free to create your own based on your requirements. You can sort out your spring cleaning by room or by task. Cleaning by task is usually a bit faster because you gain momentum after doing the same task repeatedly.

Creating Spring Cleaning checklist - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Spring Cleaning Mistake #2: Cleaning Without Decluttering

We know decluttering takes time. It’s also mentally and sometimes emotionally draining. However, if you have the time and energy, a professional cleaner will always recommend decluttering first.

There are many strategies for decluttering. The biggest key is to stay focused and don’t let decluttering distract you from the main task.

The quickest way to declutter is to sort items in 3 boxes: keep, donate and discard. Because this is only a previous step to cleaning, avoid decluttering sentimental items if it’s hard for you. You don’t want to spend your emotional energy on this and end up tired before cleaning.

You can set a timer for 45, 60 or 90 minutes, for example, so you can finish decluttering quickly.

Mistake number #1 Decluttering vs Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Mistake #3: Working Harder Instead of Smarter

We all associate deep cleaning with scrubbing endlessly, taking extra energy and ending up exhausted afterward. However, a good spring cleaning checklist will help you work smarter, not harder.

Here’s what you can do:

Let cleaning agents act on their own. Most cleaning products work chemically, not mechanically. This means you don’t need to apply and scrub right away. This certainly helps, but it’s best to let them sit first for 15 – 30 minutes, and then wipe with a cloth.

Don’t apply extra force if you notice it’s not necessary. Scrubbing hard and using abrasive items is counterintuitive most times, because you’re scratching the surface.

Always clean from top to bottom. Start with upper cabinets or open shelves, bookshelves, doorframes, ceiling fans, and HVAC systems.

Choose multi-purpose cleaning products. They’re going to save you time and energy because you don’t need to switch between 5 different products. There are many DIY cleaning products that are versatile and safe to use on most surfaces.

On the other hand, some specialized cleaning products might be handy for specific surfaces, such as natural stone (marble and granite), hardwood floors or furniture, or surfaces with heavy grease buildup (like kitchen hoods and ovens).

Spring Cleaning Mistake #4: Using Dirty Tools

Even though this may sound obvious, some people actually start washing with dirty sponges or mops. That’s a big mistake! You’re just spreading dirt around and you will feel frustrated with the results.

Here’s how you can make things easier:

  • If your sponges are more than 2 weeks old, you should replace them.
  • Get a 2-compartment mop bucket. This way, you will have a slot for your cleaning solution (warm water + bleach, soap, or vinegar) and a slot for dirty water.
  • Grab a 24-pack of washable microfiber cloths. This way, you can set aside 4 or 6 cloths for each room in your home and wipe several times. Once you’re done with spring cleaning, you can toss all of them in the washing machine.

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Last but not least: avoid Doing It All On Your Own

Spring cleaning is a daunting task if you do it by yourself. Try to get your family and friends to help you!

Not everyone likes doing the same tasks. It’s best if you divide the work and assign one or two task for each member. Of course, keep tasks age-appropriate. Giving these types of chores to children helps them with motivation, self-steem and sense of accomplishment. Plus, it comes with surprising health benefits.

Ideally, you want everyone to work at the same time, to prevent your cleaning from stretching endlessly. Leave the floors for last because, at that point, you don’t want people stepping on wet floors.

And if you don’t want to deal with cleaning your entire home and your family and friends are busy enjoying spring, then it’s time to hire a professional cleaning service!

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Spring cleaning with your family members - Emily's Maids of Dallas


We hope these tips help you avoid common spring cleaning mistakes! We’re always learning and the faster and more efficient you are, the quicker you can finish and enjoy Spring!

However, it’s still likely to make mistakes if you’re doing this on your own. If you prefer leaving this in the hands of professionals, book a quote with Emily’s Maids of Dallas!

As a maid and cleaning service, it makes us proud and honored to help people get their homes clean and tidy.

We will be back soon with more cleaning articles. Stay tuned and happy spring everyone!

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