How to Determine the Right Frequency for Deep Cleaning

by emilysmaids - September 9, 2023

How to Determine the Right Frequency for Deep Cleaning - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hello! We’re back with another cleaning article! This time, we want to talk about how to determine the right frequency for deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is a type of service offered by most maid services in Dallas. This is a thorough process that removes dirt, dust, grime and germs from your home. It goes beyond a regular cleaning that you do once or twice a week.

We don’t always need to clean the same surfaces, which means some of them are often cleaned only with a deep cleaning checklist.

Whether you’re doing this on your own or hiring a professional house cleaning service, it’s good to know the right frequency for deep cleaning. As we always say, we want to clean smarter, not harder!

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And if you want to take on this challenge, that’s awesome too! We’ll give you some tips to decide exactly when to deep clean your home, and when to do some light cleaning instead.

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Before we start, you may be asking yourself: why should I choose deep cleaning in the first place?

As we were mentioning earlier, deep cleaning is only necessary a handful of times around the year. And yes, it is time-consuming and tiresome, but it’s going to bring you many benefits for your health, comfort and even your productivity.

For example, you will notice the air quality will improve after deep cleaning. You will also reduce the risk of allergies and infections, eliminate stubborn stains and odors. Last but not least, deep cleaning can even help you create a more pleasant and organized environment.

Some surfaces are only cleaned with deep cleaning (e.g., carpet floors, behind your kitchen appliances). This means they are slowly getting dirty and building up grime.

Deep cleaning your home - Emily's Maids of Dallas

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Should I Add Decluttering and Organizing to My Deep Cleaning Checklist?

If you are doing this on your own, you may want to include decluttering and organizing as part of your deep cleaning. This is, in fact, quite common because these activities actually match the standard frequency for deep cleaning services.

You could also do them separately, especially if you have a large home. For example, you can leave the last Sunday of the month for decluttering and organizing.

Then, schedule the last Sunday of the next month for deep cleaning (vacuuming, disinfecting, dusting, and so on).

This way, you will create a consistent pattern while also switching things up.

If this sounds too overwhelming, you can use quarters instead of months. This means you could leave the last week of June and December for deep cleaning, and the last week of March and September for organizing and decluttering.

If your home is quite small and you don’t need to declutter as often, this could be a great schedule!

Here are some guidelines to help you determine the right frequency for cleaning:

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Deep Cleaning According to the Size and Type of Space

The size and type of space could be the biggest deciding factor. The larger and more complex your space is, the more often it may need deep cleaning. We tend to fill every area we find in our home with more and more belongings.

The easiest way to keep this under control is by having a small space to start with. With a small studio or 1-bedroom apartment and minimal furniture, you may only need deep cleaning twice a year.

On the contrary, a large house with multiple rooms, pets, children and clutter may need deep cleaning 4 – 6 times a year.

Messy Workspace - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Consider the Level of Traffic and Activity in Your Space

The more people and pets using your space, the more dirty and messy it will be. If you live alone or with one partner, you probably won’t need to clean as often as someone with a large family or with guests coming in regularly.

If you have young children living at home, this also increases the frequency for deep cleaning, even if it’s just one. It’s important to keep your surfaces clean and sanitized because toddlers will touch them often.

Working from home is an important factor too, especially if you have a workspace where you generate dust or debris (such as woodworking or painting).

In this case, try to adapt your space in a way that this activity doesn’t affect your entire house. Some good examples are sliding doors (which you can install using only a drill!) and room dividers.

Consider the Season and Weather Conditions Before Deep Cleaning

If you live in Dallas, you probably have noticed by now that some seasons have high humidity and low (or very high) temperatures.

The weather can affect the amount of dust, pollen, mold and other allergens present in the air, on the walls, or on the floors.

For example, in the spring, we all know pollen levels in Dallas increase significantly.

In the winter, heating systems dry out the air, which means you will have dry air, which can cause sore throats or irritation in your nose and lungs.

You may also need to deep clean more often if you live in a permanently humid or rainy area. This increases the chance of mold and mildew.

Consider Your Personal Standards and Preferences

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how much you want to deep clean your home. Deep cleaning demands more time and money (even if you’re doing it on your own).

Are you laid-back about cleaning and want to keep your home just decently clean and tidy? Then, once or twice a year would be perfect and more than enough.

Are you a cleaning aficionado who takes pride in having the cleanest home in town? Perfect! Increase this frequency to once every other month, or once a quarter.

Scheduling Deep Cleaning Service - Emily's Maids of Dallas

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There you have it! Our suggested frequency for deep cleaning based on your household needs.

Remember you have dozens of deep cleaning schedules available on the internet, including our blog! Feel free to adapt them to your needs and budget.

We understand deep cleaning your entire home at one may be too overwhelming. If this is the case in your home, you can deep clean one room or area at a time every month. You can also divide taks between yourself and your family members or, of course, hire a house cleaning service for some or all of the.

We hope these tips helped you figure out the best frequency for deep cleaning your home. Stay tuned for more cleaning tips!

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