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Emilys Maids

Leading House Cleaning & Maid Service in North Dallas, TX

Emily’s Maids is a cleaning & maid service in North Dallas that will be happy to help you take care of your home. We know how hard it is to clean and take care of any house, no matter how big or small it is.

Cleaning is time-consuming and it demands both mental and physical energy. You have to find the time and put a lot of effort to clean and scrub all surfaces until they look nice and clean.

If you have a busy life, you know that time is your most valued asset. Having to take care of your job, your social life and your family is rewarding but also challenging. The last thing you want to do after a long day is having to scrub your bathroom or clean kitchen countertops.

And we know that cleaning is not a one-time job. It can be frustrating to spend hours cleaning to find everything messy the next week (or even the next day!).

Emily’s Maids of North Dallas has a purpose. We want to help families in the Dallas area to enjoy more quality time doing what they love, and leaving the heavy-duty work to our cleaning artists.

We offer many types of cleaning services to fit your needs. From standard and deep cleaning, and up to special events and move in and move out cleaning.

Why You Should Hire Emily’s Maids Cleaning Service

Besides the time and energy that you spend while cleaning, it can bring you long-term issues or pains in the future. Your body eventually gets exhausted after all that scrubbing and mopping, and it also takes a toll on your mind.

Emily’s Maids has over a decade of serving customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area and we know first-hand that our customers’ lives improve so much after hiring a house cleaning service.

Here are the reasons why you should hire Emily’s Maids of Dallas:

First of all, you will improve your physical wellbeing. No more sore arms or knees, or endless hours of cleaning! You will have more energy after work or running errands.

Second, you will avoid common accidents when cleaning. Everyone has fallen off a ladder, tripped over the cleaning caddy or slipped on wet bathroom floors. These accidents can be serious, especially if they are frequent over time.

Third, you won’t have to deal with harmful chemicals anymore. Commercial cleaning products are often filled with strong ingredients that are toxic when you come into contact with them. They can spill on your skin by accident, our you can breathe toxic fumes. Professional cleaners are used to these products and they also know all the safety measures to prevent accidents.

Fourth, you will improve your mental health as well. Cleaning takes some planning beforehand. You need to buy the cleaning agents, maintain and fix your cleaning equipment occasionally and plan out the best time for cleaning. Although we have many guides on our blog, you never know when guests are going to arrive and that will leave you running around and trying to clean and tidy your home!

Last but not least, you will have so much more time available. You won’t have to spend your weekends cleaning your bathrooms or vacuuming your carpet floors each day after work. All that extra time can be used to do whatever you like. Whether that is taking a mental health day, going for a walk in the park, or start learning a new language, you have so many options!

Emily’s Maids of Dallas is an award-winning cleaning company and we will be honored to take care of your home in North Dallas, or anywhere else in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Visit our Help & FAQ page or contact us if you need more info!

How to Choose the Perfect Cleaning Company for You

We are aware that Emily’s Maids is not the only cleaning service in North Dallas, TX. There are many options in this area, so why should you choose us?

Here are a few tips to help you make an informed decision when choosing your cleaning company.


Every house is a different world. Even the same house has different cleaning needs during each year. This year, for example, there is a high chance that you will eventually need:

  • A Standard Cleaning Service for your recurring cleaning needs;
  • A Deep Cleaning Service to occasionally take care of every nook and cranny;
  • A Special Events Cleaning Service to impress your guests or family during events or festivities;
  • A Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning service to deep clean your carpet floors once or twice a year by a professional cleaner;
  • A Cleaning Service for Moving out of your current house and moving into your new home.

    When looking for a cleaning company, keep in mind that these are all scenarios where you might need a cleaning service. Try to find a company that offers most, if not all of them, because you will build trust and comfort with time and it will be easier than switching between different companies.

    Don’t forget to check our services or contact us, if you need any help before starting the booking process.


With this type of service, it’s very important to find a service that is reliable and that has built a nice reputation.

And we understand that this takes time and a significant number of clients, especially for new companies. But word spreads fast and a cleaning company will have good reviews and rating because they listen to their customers.

When looking for a cleaning company, take a look at their good -and not so good- reviews. Did they fix any issues or complaints from customers? Do they have recurring, long-time clients? These are all good signs.


Experience is one of the most important factors of any company, and that includes the cleaning field.

A cleaning company with years of experience will be more efficient because they have had the time to improve their service, as well as better managing procedures to select the most qualified staff.

If you find a company with at least two years of experience, they will have enough knowledge and expertise to get through challenges, and improve their services.

Need a House Cleaning Service in North Dallas, Texas? Choose Emily’s Maids

Emily’s Maids of Dallas is a cleaning company with over a decade of experience. We offer our services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, including North Dallas, of course.

Here’s why you should choose Emily’s Maids as your cleaning company:

Constantly Improving

A good company never stops improving. We review our cleaners’ work constantly and offer training to ensure we offer a stellar service. Time has allowed us to grow as a company and expand our services to fit our customers’ needs.

Not only we make sure that our cleaners are happy and informed about their work performance, we also request feedback from our customers and find out if there is anything they wish we improve or fix.

Emily’s Maids of Dallas has a clear goal: to offer a quick and stress-free cleaning experience. And that starts with our booking process!

On our booking page you will quickly find all our cleaning options, extras, and customization alternatives. Booking a service from scratch won’t take you longer than 2 minutes!

You can select your desired cleaning frequency. As we mentioned earlier, you might have different unique cleaning needs during the year. You can select between a one-time service or a recurring house cleaning service (eg., once or twice a month)

If you don’t find the exact type of service you need, you can contact us as well.

Easy Booking Process

Work Ethics and Over a Decade of Cleaning Homes

Our strong work ethic has allowed us to remain active for over 10 years. At Emily’s Maids of Dallas we value our customers’ happiness, but we also know that our staff is important and our most valuable component.

We listen to our customers’ needs by contacting them for feedback and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever less than happy with our service, we will fix it for free. Just let us know within 24 hours and our cleaning professionals will take care of it!

And remember, you can always read our FAQ or contact us if you have any questions or comments.

With Emily’s Maids You Can Enjoy Your Free Time In North Dallas

North Dallas has so much to offer! You have many activities to choose from.

You have the Bent Tree Country Club if you want to have fun playing golf or just enjoying a nice day at the park.

If you want something fun to do with friends and family, you can visit Nickel Mania, where kids and adults can have fun at the arcades.

And if you just want to go shopping and visit restaurants, you can’t miss the Galleria Mall with plenty of shops to go to.

Once you have so much free time, you get to choose so many fun activities at North Dallas, TX while Emily’s Maids takes care of your home.

Where Can I Contact Emily's Maids?

Emily’s Maids is happy to answer all your questions and comments!


You can email us at service@emilysmaids.com or call us at (214) 363-1722. Also, feel free to visit our contact page where we will reply to your questions or comments ASAP.


If you are in North Dallas and you want to confirm if we service your area, check Our Services and if you don’t see your area, give us a call!

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