6 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning for Your Family

by emilysmaids - March 20, 2021

You, like many others out there, have spring on your mind. Not only has winter been challenging, but many homes have also had to deal with freezing temperatures, snow, and power outages that have lasted for days. However, with spring comes spring cleaning.

I understand that cleaning goes a long way in making your home feel fresh and appear nice; however, there are more benefits than appearance. It will surprise you to learn that spring-cleaning helps the mental and physical health of everyone in your family.

If you need extra motivation to get down and start cleaning, read on for seven ways spring cleaning can help your mental and physical health.

Clean air strengthens the immune system

Seasonal allergies are most common during the springtime. Although enticing, blossoming new plants renew allergies for many. For example, dust, mildew, and mold are a few of the things that can trigger allergies in people. Since you can’t always control the outside world, you can control your little inside world by cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning improves the air quality around the home and lets you breathe better. Not just this, but it also supports a healthy immune system and prevents respiratory complications. The cleaning process encourages you to deep clean every corner of your home, vacuum floors and ceilings, wash blankets and beddings, and eliminate dust from your home. The combined effect of all of these improves the air around the home.

Improves mental health

Spring cleaning improves mental health by decreasing anxiety, depression, and stress. If you’ve noticed, people sleep better and are more productive when they work in a clean and tidy environment. When you clean, there will be less clutter around the house. Besides, the cleaning process involves tossing, recycling, decluttering, and donating some items. All of these activities liberate and refresh the mind.

For example, a clean bedroom promotes a good night’s sleep. Why? There is less clutter in your bedroom, you just changed your sheets, and there is a natural fragrance around your room.

Improves your mood and productivity

Cleaning significantly improves your mood and often leaves you feeling accomplished. Truthfully, not everyone likes the process. However, the result often leaves us extremely satisfied. This feeling of accomplishment coupled with a neat and fresh-smelling home improves your energy levels. It does not just boost the mood, but it also reduces the risk of depression.

Too much junk lying around your home can affect your ability to focus on a task. Conversely, when there are fewer things to distract you, there will be enough mental space to focus on the things that matter.

Prevents illness

This right here is the most obvious reason why you should clean your home during spring. Winter leaves surfaces iced and often present the perfect environment for germs and bacteria. To minimize the spread of viruses, clean your home. This point is even more important with coronavirus concerns. A clean surface improves food safety and significantly reduces illnesses.

Reduces the risk of an injury

Falls, slips, and bumps are the leading cause of injuries around the home. However, most of these accidents occur when things are out of place. Spring cleaning provides an ideal opportunity to make home adjustments to reduce the risk of an injury. You can schedule a time to declutter your space and remove items that don’t fit in their current position.

An ideal way to use expired products

Not what you’re thinking right? yeah. Nonetheless, spring cleaning provides an opportunity to use most of the cleaning products that have accumulated over time. Instead of waiting till the products expire, you can single out products near expiry and use them for cleaning.


Spring cleaning is great for your family, wallet, and health. Try some spring cleaning today or, better yet, have Emily’s Maids do all the hard work and watch your body thank you for it.

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