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Couple booking a maid service
Couple booking a maid service


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Emily's Maids floor vacuuming
Emily's Maids floor vacuuming


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Couple relaxing while Emily's Maids clean their home
Couple relaxing while Emily's Maids clean their home


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House Cleaning Dallas


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House Cleaning Dallas


Our cleaners undergo identity checks, in-person interviews, and extensive training.

House Cleaning Dallas


Only 7% of job applicants pass our rigorous hiring criteria. Customer reviews keep them motivated.

House Cleaning Dallas


We bring our own safe supplies and can accommodate special requests.

House Cleaning Dallas


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House Cleaning Dallas


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We know you value your time (that's why you are hiring a maid service!) and you probably prefer to schedule your home cleaning quickly and easily. At Emily's Maids we make cleaning easy with our easy-to-use online booking form where you can book your maid directly from your phone, hassle free, and in 60 seconds! So let Emily's Maids do the chore of cleaning while you have more time to enjoy with friends, family, and yourself!



Emily’s Maids House Cleaning Service In Dallas

Living life in Dallas can be amazing and sometimes stressful. Let Emily’s Maids house cleaning, a family-owned maid service in Dallas, lessen the stress and add happiness to your life by eliminating the chore of house cleaning from your to-do list. Our professional home cleaners provide award-winning cleaning which will WOW you with a wonderfully, clean house to relax in after a long day of work.


Emily’s Maids offer a full range of cleaning services at fair prices. From one-time or move-in/move-out cleaning to regularly scheduled cleaning services like weekly and biweekly, our cleaning service provides the best housekeeping in Dallas at a price that won’t bust your budget! Call or text (214) 556-MAID or book your clean online using our booking form – it only takes 1 minute!


Here are our top three most requested cleans:


Blue Bullet with ShadowStandard House Cleaning: Standard house cleanings can be recurring (weekly or bi-weekly) or simply a one-time cleaning.

Blue Bullet with ShadowDeep Cleaning: Also known as Detail Cleaning, this is a thorough cleaning of your home, perfect for special occasions.

Blue Bullet with ShadowMove-Out Cleaning: Also known as a move-in cleaning or make-readies, it is a deep cleaning of your Dallas home while vacant, allowing our cleaners to reach all those areas that would normally be hidden or unavailable while the home is occupied.


Emily’s focus is on tailoring services to meet Dallas homeowners’ cleaning needs. All our house cleaning pros have unique skills and can do many types of tasks. Therefore, just let us know what you require, and you’ll be matched with the perfect professional home cleaner.


We specialize in, but are not limited to, the following type of services:


  • Standard House Cleaning
  • Weekly Cleans
  • Bi-weekly Cleans
  • Monthly Cleans
  • Move In & Move Out (Make Readies)
  • Deep/Detail Cleans
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Living Room Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning Inside of Cabinets, Refrigerator, Oven
  • Cleaning Interior Windows
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning Hardwood Floors
  • Mopping






To schedule maid service with us is easy as 1, 2, 3! Call 214-556-MAID today. Our friendly office staff will give you a free, no-obligation quote right over the phone. Also, you can book your house cleaning online in 60 seconds and start treating yourself to a clean and healthy living environment while having more time to spend with family, friends, or yourself.


We set out to prove that exceptional house cleaning services in Dallas are accessible at affordable rates. High-quality maid service at a low rate? Dreams do come true!


Quote by CBS News: Best House Cleaning In DFW


What Dallas Families Love About Our Maid Service

Your satisfaction is our mission! From the initial call, scheduling service, to your cleaning, and the consistent quality years thereafter with our weekly, biweekly, or monthly home cleaning, you’ll be happy with your maid service. We take extraordinary care in finding, hiring, and retaining the best cleaners. Providing the best house cleaning in Dallas starts with having the best professional home cleaners. But you don’t have to take our word for it…


Emily’s Maids dedication to excellence with our cleaning staff and our service has earned us numerous accolades; CBS TV of DFW has recognized Emily’s Maids as one of the Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas, an A+ Rating by the BBB, recognized as one of the top 5 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas by Kev’s Best, and Expertise LLC placed us on their Best House Cleaner in Dallas list.



“Best House Cleaning Service in DFW” ~ CBS TV

"Best House Cleaning in Dallas" as per Expertise, LLC

“Best House Cleaners in Dallas” ~ Expertise, LLC

Kev's Best - Top 5 Cleaning Services in Dallas

Kev’s Best: 5 Best House Cleaning Services in Dallas


You Have a Voice with Us

Pay for performance is in our DNA, and your feedback is integral to how we do this. Once your maid service is completed and your home cleaner has left, you’ll receive an email requesting your input. Your response is incredibly important to us. Your satisfaction directly impacts the cleaner’s performance bonuses, pay raises, and choice of cleaning jobs in Dallas. In other words, it generates tremendous motivation for our cleaners to provide you and all of our other amazing clients with a WOW-level home cleaning each and every time!


In addition, your feedback not only allows us to provide the best maid service in Dallas by vetting our cleaners, but it also allows us to reward and retain the best cleaning talent in Dallas resulting in an extraordinarily low turnover rate. So you can be assured the cleaners sent to your home today will be the same ones sent tomorrow; or even years thereafter! Our customers often rave about this aspect of Emily’s Maids; their cleaning team becomes more than just cleaners, they become part of the family!


Emily’s Maids would love to clean your home and show you what a Dallas house cleaning experience should be! Call now to book your cleaning. Also, visit our user-friendly online booking page to schedule maid service online in 60 seconds with no hassles. We would LOVE to clean your home!



Message From the Owner

As owner of Emily’s Maids, I have a particular passion for our team. Maybe I’m cut from a different cloth, but I’m passionate about the home cleaning industry.


Unbelievably, my interest in the home cleaning field as a young professional in Dallas, Texas. While working away in my new career, my roommate and I stumbled upon an affordable, reliable home cleaning service. We loved coming home from a long day of studying or working or both to a clean home. Young men are not known for being particularly clean, and we fell into that category for sure. During the easier seasons, having a clean home was a luxury. During the stressful moments, like working overtime or just one of those tough days at work, it was indispensable. My coffee-addled brain couldn’t handle all the work along with the dishes.


While my career was successful and fulfilling in its own right, I got the itch to make, my experience with a good house cleaning service a reality for people all over. That’s how I embarked on a twenty year journey as owner of a maid service. As the owner of Emily’s Maids, I’m here to ensure smooth operations, exceptional cleaning staff, and that your home cleaning experience is stellar. 


I’m here to get your feedback anytime. Got a compliment for a specific team member? We’d love to hear it! Have some thoughts on how we can improve – I’m all ears! Whatever your thoughts are, I want to hear from you.


With gratitude,



~ Owner, Emily’s Maids



You Don’t Have To Be Highland Park-Rich To Hire A Housekeeper

Have you always dreamed you could hire a local maid service but thought it was out of reach because of your income? Well, Emily’s Maids is here to show you that house cleaning servicesare accessible to almost everyone in Dallas.


First, we’ve put much effort into developing an efficient Dallas cleaning service so we don’t have to charge high prices.


Second, today’s busy lifestyle makes delegating some everyday responsibilities a wise move financially. Usually, people are willing to do all sorts of jobs to help you out, and most of the time, you can have these things done well within your budget. And the time you save can be spent either earning more money or saving money in other categories of your budget.


For example, maybe you work from home and feel you should be cleaning your own home because you’re there most of the time. But what if you paid somebody to clean for you and were able to put in more hours at your job? You’ll be coming out ahead—and less stressed to boot.


Or maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s expected to clean while the baby’s sleeping. But you’re frazzled and have no me time. Hiring a Dallas maid service like Emily’s Maids frees you to take care of yourself, which makes for better health and relationships and saves you money. Additionally, you might even be motivated to take on a part-time job or venture into a side business and end up with more money in your pocket than before you hired a Dallas cleaning service.


There was a time when hiring maid services in Dallas was only for the rich. Today, that’s simply not the case. Take a few minutes to do a cost-benefit analysis of your situation. Assign a dollar value to your time, and figure out how much you can save by passing your housekeeping chores on to a professional maid service like Emily’s Maids.


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