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Do you have a busy life that leaves you no time for cleaning? Emily’s Maids is happy to help you with our cleaning service in Flower Mound, TX.


A professional cleaning company is the perfect solution for busy families to keep their home nice and shiny. House cleaning is challenging, time-consuming and tiresome.


Cleaning on your own might take you long, precious hours off your weekend and leave you exhausted to do anything else, or spend quality time with your family, or enjoy Flower Mound town.


However, somebody has to roll up their sleeves and clean in order to make your home a fresh, safe, healthy place to live in.

But don’t worry: with a cleaning service you get all the benefits of a clean home without having to move a finger. We offer many different services in order to fit your needs. Here’s how you can do it!

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Here’s why you should choose Emily’s Maids as your cleaning company

With a professional cleaning service, all the problems you deal with when cleaning and taking care of your home will be gone. This will be a huge relief for you, both mentally and physically.


Here are just a few benefits that come after hiring a cleaning service:


You will take care of your body and physical health. Scrubbing, mopping and disinfecting leaves a huge physical toll with time, mostly related to bone and muscle damage.

Accidents are also common when cleaning, such as falling off a chair or a ladder when trying to reach every nook and cranny in your home.

Besides, you are also exposed to harmful chemicals and cleaning products when cleaning. If you don’t handle them correctly (or even by accident) you can come into contact with them directly (either by skin, eyes or by inhaling) which can harm you as well as other family members or pets.

Not only will you improve your physical health, you will be taking care of your mental health as well. Research shows that a clean home increases concentration and enhances mood.

By removing all cleaning tasks from your routine, you will have so much more time. You will be more present in your family’s lives and enjoy quality time with them.

With Emily’s Maids of Dallas, you will have professional, experienced cleaning artists taking care of your home in Flower Mound, TX (as well as other locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area).

How to Choose the Perfect Cleaning Company for You

There are many efficient, professional cleaning service companies in Flower Mound, so it might be a bit hard for you to decide which one you will be hiring.


There are three main factors that can help you decide which company you’re choosing to provide you with a professional cleaning service.


First, you need to make sure the company has stellar reviews. Besides their ratings, take the time to carefully read as many reviews as you can, to understand the pros and cons of this particular company, especially the downsides.


Ideally, you would learn about issues or setbacks that previous customers had and how/if the company fixed them.


Second, you’d want the company to have plenty of experience. This doesn’t mean that newcomers aren’t professional or effective. but years of experience give room for improvement and forming a strong, reliable team that creates a good reputation in its community.


Finally, you need the company to be responsible and honest. When push comes to shove, you can truly see if the company owns their mistakes and tries to work with you to fix the situation or not.


Before fixing problems, a good company will prevent them from happening in the first place through an extensive selection process with work references and criminal background checks.

And, whenever a problem does occur, you need to have liability insurance and workman’s compensation for accidents and other difficult scenarios.


Making informed decisions is important, especially if you will have people coming to your home.

Need a House Cleaning Service in Flower Mound, Texas? Choose Emily’s Maids

How to find a good maid service

Emily’s Maids can tell you so much about what to look for in a good cleaning company because of our history and commitment to our community in Dallas, TX. Of course, this includes Flower Mound, TX as well.


Here’s why you should choose Emily’s Maids as your cleaning company:

First, we make sure our staff is well trained and that we stay fresh and efficient with new cleaning methods and different cleaning services for you.


Our cleaning artists are constantly rewarded for stellar work and reviews, which means they will have plenty of motivation to impress you with their performance.

Second, we ensure our booking is super simple and easy! Thanks to our online booking process, you can view and modify the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, include extra cleaning tasks, let us know the areas you want our staff to focus on, and additional instructions (if any), until your tailor-made cleaning checklist is completed.



You can also select the frequency of your cleaning if you wish a regular cleaning service, or just stick to a one-time cleaning. It’s all up to you!

The entire process won’t take you longer than 5 minutes and you will be able to keep track or contact us if anything happens.


Last but not least, our work and experience speak for themselves. Feedback from our customers is valued and taken into consideration. Our clients feel valued and our reviews and ratings prove that.

Emily’s Maids offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are anything less than happy and impressed with our work, we will fix it for free.

With Emily’s Maids You Can Enjoy Your Free Time In Flower Mound

Flower Mound is an incredible town, full of natural beauties and breathtaking views! Grapevine Lake is the perfect location for outdoor activities such as boating and hiking.


You can also visit Stone Creek Park or Twin Coves Park, where you can connect with nature and enjoy fresh air.


The Fourth of July is a big event at Flower Mound. The Independence Fest attracts over 30,000 people each year!


Once you get rid of cleaning for hours, you will truly understand how many hours -and days- you have to spend now with your family. Flower Mound offers so many fun activities and incredible natural views, and once you book one of our services, you won’t have to waste a single weekend mopping floors and wiping countertops!

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