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  • We’re more than a service company; we’re a CUSTOMER service company.
  • Our greatest asset is our personable and dependable home cleaners.
  • We promise to communicate honestly and openly—no upsells or hidden fees.
  • Our prices mop the floor with the competition!
  • We strive to WOW you with each visit.

How is Emily’s Maids Different?

Blue Bullet with Shadow   If you’re a homeowner, Emily’s Maids is the perfect choice for you. We strive to provide you with the best home cleaners in Dallas, according to your needs.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   While most of our homeowners require cleaning on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, housekeepers are also available for occasional services.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Experienced, professional home cleaners provide their own transportation and lunches.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   If your regular housekeeper is ill, has a personal emergency, or can’t make it for whatever reason, we’ll match you with a substitute house cleaner in the Dallas area.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   If you like the first housekeeper and you become a recurring weekly or biweekly customer, they can become your regular housekeeper. If you dislike the housekeeper for any reason, we can connect you with one who’s better suited to your needs.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Our prices mop the floor with the competition! We offer some of the best housecleaning rates in Dallas. Emily’s Maids gives you the best of both worlds: providing you with an excellent home cleaner at an excellent price.


More Than Traditional House Cleaning

House cleaning services:

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Weekly cleaning service

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Biweekly cleaning service

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Monthly cleaning service

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Move-in and move-out cleaning services

Blue Bullet with Shadow   One-time and deep cleaning services

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Emergency cleaning

Blue Bullet with Shadow   After-party cleaning


Our Story: A Note From The Owner

The mission of Emily’s Maids is to provide superior cleaning at below-average pricing. The story behind our mission starts in 2011, when I founded Emily’s Maids after trying to help a fellow maid service owner.


In 2011, Maid 2 Order was a relatively new Dallas home cleaning service struggling to get customers. It was less expensive than my own Dallas area maid service. The company needed more cash flow. I thought, Why not forward our budget-conscious cleaning leads to this service?


Unfortunately, Maid 2 Order didn’t survive due to lack of cash flow. I later discovered it wasn’t so much lack of customers as it was under-priced services.


I thought about the gap left by the demise of Maid 2 Order and decided to start a low-cost maid service for the more budget-conscious clientele we encounter in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I knew profitability challenges awaited; however, I felt such a company could be viable.


Making an Affordable Dallas Maid Service


I started by cutting operating costs wherever I could—especially in creative ways that other maid services hadn’t figured out.


First, Emily’s Maids wouldn’t have all the bells and whistles that premium services offer. We’d be a lean, mean cleaning machine! One major cost-saver was leveraging foreign labor to handle customer service, operations, web design, and any other task that could be done remotely.


However, I found that to provide sufficient value to our customers, we couldn’t cut costs as much as I wanted. For example, Emily’s Maids forwent insurance at the beginning with the idea that if something went wrong, the customer would be protected by their homeowner’s insurance. Fortunately, no major accidents occurred, but I later decided to insure the business for $1,000,000.00.


Overall, we’ve done a great job controlling costs in order to leverage better pricing.


Then, we nearly eliminated marketing costs by:

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Referring budget-conscious customers from my premium maid service to Emily’s Maids for free. When a caller to my other Dallas cleaning service says we’re too expensive, my staff recommends Emily’s Maids. It’s nice to still be able to take care of all clientele seeking housecleaning, regardless of their income.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Utilizing semi-respectable search engine optimization (SEO) skills. Ranking on the first page of Google’s results pages for free is a tremendous boost for a business.

Blue Bullet with Shadow   Relying on word of mouth. We were able to implement this tactic as we grew. We’d like to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to the awesome customers who brag about us. We appreciate you so much! By utilizing free marketing, we can take the dollars otherwise spent on marketing and reinvest them in the business to provide more value. At Emily’s Maids, we pass our cost savings on to our customers.


Finally, Emily’s Maids’ modus operandi is based on a proven system that I spent years refining. Adapting much of how we do business at my first maid service allowed Emily’s Maids to run smoothly. My experience helped me avoid the naive and costly mistakes that plague new ventures.


From day one, our talented cleaning staff were producing incredible results, and we had customers singing our praise. If we have the privilege to serve you, we ask for your praise and feedback.


You’ll get an email after each cleaning that gives you the opportunity to rank our maids. Please do so, because your feedback determines the raises of our house cleaners. You have a say in how we do business!


After more than 14 years in the industry, I’ve seen housecleaning services come and go. The No. 1 reason for failure is not pricing at a level to maintain operations. Emily’s Maids balances lower costs with maintaining operations and providing a good home cleaning service.


If you find lower prices at another cleaning service, it’ll probably be either a relatively new business or one that’s evading taxes by hiring illegal contractors instead of employees.


At Emily’s Maids, I’m committed to doing things the right way for you. So, if you want a great housecleaning professional at a reasonable price, give us a call. We’d love to clean your home!




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the Emily's Maids' Difference

Smarter Living

Gain more time for yourself and the people and things you care about most.

Superior Safety

Our cleaners undergo identity checks, in-person interviews, and extensive training.

Top Quality

Only 7% of job applicants pass our rigorous hiring criteria. Customer reviews keep them motivated.

Easy Booking

Select your number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a date. Then relax.

Seamless Communication

We make it easy for you to stay in touch with Emily's Maids.

Cash-Free Payments

Pay securely online, only when your housecleaning is complete.

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