How to Clean Your House in 1 Hour for Thanksgiving

by emilysmaids - November 23, 2023

How to clean your house in 1 hour for Thanksgiving - Article Cover - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hello and welcome back to Emily’s Maids and happy Thanksgiving! We know you might be rushing to clean your house quickly today, so read our quick 1 Hour cleaning guide!

Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and of course, enjoy food! But we know it also takes time to get your home ready and your guests are going to arrive any second now.

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But in case you want to quickly clean your home, feel free to check our lightning-fast 1 cleaning guide.

Without further ado, let’s find out how to clean your house in 1 hour for Thanksgiving!

Step 1: Prioritize and Gather Supplies (10 Minutes)

First things first: set your head to quickly clean your home while it’s still early.

We’re not worrying about the nooks and crannies! We’re going for that immediate wow factor.

Gather your cleaning supplies, especially multi-surface cleaners. A 1:1 white vinegar and water mix works great for many surfaces. Also, grab microfiber cloths, your vacuum cleaner and a broom.

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Step 2: Decluttering and Dusting (10 Minutes)

Decluttering and dusting is the next important step. If you don’t make it, at least your guests will find a tidy home.

Quickly go through the main areas and remove any clutter. Grab a trash bag and put away your kids’ toys, your dishes, and anything else that feels out of place.

Besides, dust anything you find with a microfiber cloth and a spritz of water and white vinegar. You can also add just one drop of mineral oil for extra shine, especially around your TV stand and coffee table.

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Step 3: Clean Your Kitchen and Bathroom (20 minutes)

Your kitchen and especially your bathroom are a big priority if you want to clean your house for Thanksgiving.

Clean and disinfect your toilet bowl. Leave agents act on the surface and, in the meantime, wipe down your sink and countertops. If you have time, clean the mirror and empty the trash. Don’t forget to open up your windows!

Wipe down your kitchen as well. Because you have very little time, you might have to clean your stovetop and your countertops only. If you have more time, clean any spills in the oven as well.

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Step 4: Vacuum and Sweep (15 minutes)

Start with the carpets and rugs! Although we usually leave floors for last, in this case, they are a big telltale sign that your home is not clean.

Use your broom and quickly sweep all rooms, and then switch to the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum your carpets and rugs and use the attachments to reach any corners and edges, especially around your furniture, your baseboards and your door frames.

You can also use a damp mop, if you have enough time, and remove any stains or spills. However, be careful not to wet your floors too much.

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Vacuum your home quickly for Thanksgiving - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Step 5: Final Touches (5 minutes)

We know you’re probably in a hurry right now, so here’s our final 5 minutes!

Fluff pillows, straighten rugs, and check for anything else that feels out of place. That’s it!

We hope these tips help you quickly clean your home. Hurry up! You’re still on time.

We’ll be back soon with more cleaning tips! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our news!

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