What’s In Your Cleaning Caddy?

by emilysmaids - October 4, 2019

Cleaning Caddy

Nothing extends cleaning time more than going back and forth around the house reaching for your cleaning products. The broom in the laundry room, the window cleaner under the kitchen sink, you name it, we all can admit it is not a very practical system. Start your cleaning session with a bunch of clean rags and a cleaning caddy full with all the items you need, it will allow you to perform the task faster.

Here are some ideas of what those items can be:

Apron: if you don’t have an outfit you specifically use for cleaning then having an apron will help you protect your clothes and not only that but the small pockets can be useful to keep small tools at hand. Get one that is comfortable, resistant and washable.

Rubber or latex gloves: use them to protect your skin from strong chemicals.

Cleaning rags: we recommend having a bunch of them. When cleaning, you deal with different products, some oil-based, water-based or they have different components. Having several rags will prevent from damaging surfaces with the wrong substances.

Scouring pad: use it on bathroom sinks, bathtub, toilet or other surfaces that might accumulate tartar.

Window squeegee: this one is a very important tool if you want to clean windows, glass and mirrors like a professional without having to worry about doing the drying process yourself.What's In Your Cleaning Caddy?

Scraper: helps get rid of hard residues, paint or grease. If you don’t have a scraper, a regular spatula will do the trick.

Scrub brush: this one is perfect to clean tiles specially grouting, but the uses are endless. Make sure you get one with thick plastic bristles.

Tooth brush: there are definitely some areas around the house that are impossible to reach and accumulate dust, dirt or tartar. We usually get rid of tooth brushes after using them for some months, well, don’t throw them away. They are amazing to clean chrome fixtures in the bathroom, cornersx or dust in window sills and ledges.

Spray bottle: adjustable spray bottles are very practical when it comes to using the right amount of product and very useful if you are the kind of person who likes creating cleaning solutions at home.

Keeping most of your cleaning products together will help you save time and be aware when you run out of any and be prepared for next time.





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