Hiring Cleaning Services for Spring Cleaning

by emilysmaids - March 12, 2021

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time and luxury of cleaning their homes for spring. Fine, cleaning yourself offers a lot of exciting ways to bond with the kids and release mental pressure. However, not everyone is cut out for cleaning. If you belong to this percentage of people who can’t clean, you should hire house cleaning services – like Emily’s Maids! – for spring cleaning.

Why you should hire cleaning services

Expertise and professionalism

So this is it, no matter how hard you try, your home won’t really be clean enough to your satisfaction. The reason is that it is difficult and almost impossible to clean perfectly as a professional cleaner would. This is the distinction between you and professional cleaners. Cleaning services handle stains and dirt daily; hence; they understand cleaning methods, supplies, and routines better than you.

Apart from this, cleaning services are professionally trained for cleaning. Hence, they have cleaning tools, equipment, and gadgets tailored to make each cleaning task easier. They also know which cleaning supplies to use to handle different cleaning jobs. So basically, cleaning services are trained to clean better than you and have enough professional knowledge to back it up.

Plus, it completely takes the risk away from you as you are not responsible for any botch job.

Frees your time

Speaking of time, the reason why most people prefer not to clean themselves is that there is not enough time to clean. The warmer weather after winter usually presents a list of activities you can enjoy with your family. Instead of trying to juggle between cleaning, your job, family, and activities, you can employ a cleaning service and strike cleaning off the list.

Saves money

Not the type of money you may be thinking of since hiring a cleaning service involves spending and not saving. However, if you consider the professionalism and the opportunity cost of doing something else with your time, you will realize it saves time. Professional cleaners are throughout and don’t do guesswork. This means, unlike you, they won’t buy the wrong cleaning supplies and waste money.

How to hire cleaning services

Get referrals from friends and families

Word of mouth is often the most effective form of advertisement. Hence, ask friends who they use for insights about cleaning services. More than reading what the company offers on the website, let your friends paint a better picture of their services.

Try online reviews

Another way to run a background check on cleaning services is to read reviews of unhappy people and their terrible experiences. If the company has more bad reviews and good ones, stay away! However, a mixture of good and bad reviews, but more good reviews are good.

Award winning cleaning service?

Similar to online reviews where customers offer virtual awards and recognition in the form of 5 star reviews, consider the awards the house cleaning company has earned from third parties, especially industry-related awards. Along the same lines is being trusted by the media and news outlets as a reputable source for stories. May not be an award, but definitely a positive recognition. So is the maid service often in the news?

Insurance and worker’s compensation

The cleaning service should be able to cover the cost of injury to an employee, theft, and damage to your house. If there is no such coverage, you will be responsible for an injured worker, theft, and property damage. Be sure to look into the coverage and policy for clarity.


There are absolutely more reasons why you should hire a cleaning service for spring cleaning. However, the important ones are that it saves time, energy, and money. It also ensures a better cleaning than you can ever achieve on your own.

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