The ULTIMATE guide to do the dishes

by emilysmaids - February 1, 2019

The ULTIMATE guide to clean your dishes

After eating you can have one thing for certain, someone needs to wash the dishes. If you have no idea on how to do it efficiently we have your back.


We present to you the ultimate guide to do the dishes:


Before anything else, if you want to protect your hands the first thing you need to put is gloves! This helps to maintain your hands dry and cause no harm to them.


For those with 2 sinks these are the steps:


  1. Sort by type of dirtiness: If you have a pot or a skillet with grease you should set it aside and don’t mix it with other dishes, fat is the hardest thing to clean, and it adheres to anything it touches.
  2. Try to clean the dishes ASAP: if the unclean spots get dry they become much harder to deal.
  3. Then you should remove the fat and solid waste with paper: Then throw it in the trash. Use anything you have available, napkins work great, and if you haven’t used old newspaper you have to lay around. If the paper isn’t enough, use a spatula, they even sell special spatulas made from plastic for this task.
  4. Dilute your detergent: this way you save money making most of your soap. Fill one of your sinks with hot water and add some soap. Soak dishes there and then rinse them in the other sink.
  5. Always leave the hardest ones to the end: If you have some dishes with a really hard to remove solid, leave it to soak for the time it needs.
  6. Steps to clean the dishes:
  • Soak in the soapy water with the help of your sponge
  • Rinse with abundant water
  • Leaving to dry in your draining board.      


For people who only have 1 sink you would want to do this:


Do the first 3 steps explained before, then:


  1. Put soap in your sponge and lather your dishes with the help of a little water.
  2. Put those aside and when you have enough rinse the soap with water.
  3. Put to dry and for the ones that take too long use a cloth to dry them.


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