Is Marie Kondo Just WRONG?

by emilysmaids - January 25, 2019

Is Marie Kondo Just WRONG?

Some people love cleaning their homes, others don’t have time for it and many simply hate it. But recently cleaning and having an order for your house its trend in social media. We have a cleaning phenomenon in Netflix, a woman called Marie Kondo have a viral show, where she goes to people’s homes and offices to offer her service, and change the lifestyle of other people.

Every day in social media, pops trends pro cleaning and organization, even gaining some viral sensation, like this new Netflix series. The method its called KONMARI, and she have a philosophy where she explains how to clean and how to keep a tidy environment. She claims that having a clean environment is good for you, makes you live a better life. But is she right? Or it’s pure gibberish?

Our home is the place where we spent the majority of our lives, and in the same way, as we take showers or get haircuts, our homes need to look for. We actually spent more than one-third of our lives in our homes, just 1/3 of that in our bedrooms. But how a clean house benefits you?

Clean house, calm mind?

The study made by Princeton Neuroscience Institute tell us that there is a significant cognitive improvement when we live in an organized environment, without clutter. Our brains can focus much better when around us there isn’t any disorder, because our brains naturally get distracted by such things.

Then there is a reason to clean our home and workplace, in a clean environment you get focus, therefore a clean environment is without any doubts a more productive place.

Further evidence that having a clean home is a healthy mental environment is this study by Clorox proved that living in a clean place can make you until 60% more empathic and helps to create new and better connections to others. It relaxes you and will make relationships with others. Feeling fresh is important.

Ok, so having a clean house only helps the mind right?

Well, not only the mind has benefited from this, actually the body seems to get healthier as the person gets cleaner, and we aren’t just talking about allergies. A study focus on obesity  concluded people between 45 and 60 years were healthier and slimmer as they live in a clean house. People who tend to have a clean house are more likely to stick to a plan and keep doing exercise.

Therefore, it is demonstrated that living in a clean environment is beneficial for the body and the mind.

It’s even Dangerous living with clutter

Having clutter could be a health risk, especially if you have carpets and rugs. Thanks to this investigation, for persons over 65 years old, the grant majority of accidents are because of clutter in rooms with a carpet. Especially for elderly women.

We can’t recommend cleaning enough or you just think that Marie Kondo is an extremist, or you just don’t like to clean, in this digital age many cleaning services are on the internet.

Remember everything points out that a clean house leads to a healthy way of living.

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