Expert Tips for Cleaning Companies to Improve Online Reviews

by emilysmaids - January 3, 2019

Five Star Maid Service

Emily’s Maids has one of the highest rated reputation online among all the maid services in Dallas. This, of course, is mostly because of our awesome customer service. However its nearly impossible to please everyone all the time. So no matter how good your cleaning business is, you will eventually get negative reviews. So how does Emily’s maintain their great ranking? Good question and a question asked us by Jordan of Vonigo. They included our advice (below) in one of their articles entitled “Expert Tips for Cleaning Companies to Improve Online Reviews– December 2018

We have one of the highest-rated reputations online among all the maid services. The tiredly repeated advice of focusing on getting 5-star reviews to drown out 1-star reviews is somewhat misleading. Of course, 5-star reviews help. BUT removing a 1-star review has a much bigger impact to your rating.

To do this, do EVERYTHING possible to make that unhappy customer, happy. Even if you have to give away your services for free. In the end, the higher online rating will more than compensate the cost.

Let’s say you have five, 5-star Yelp reviews and one, 1-star review for a total of 6 Yelp reviews. To reach 5 stars on Yelp you can either 1) add ten, 5-star reviews or 2), remove that one, 1-star review.

As you can see, removing that 1-star review is the quickest way to 5 stars. A fellow owner had calculated their business lost $3000.00 monthly in business by having 4.5 stars instead of 5 stars. So giving a free $250.00 clean to persuade a customer to remove that 1-star review is a small price to pay not to lose the extra $3000.00

Though sometimes you may not want a perfect 5 star rating. For example, the fellow owner I had referred to decided to keep their ranking on Yelp around 4.5 star. Why doesn’t he mind missing out on an extra $36,000.00 a year? He found that a 5 star yelp rating attracts exceptionally problematic customers. The ones with superfluous complaints no matter how perfect your cleaning service performed, eating up your time and sanity. Removing that stress was absolutely worth it in terms of having more time to allocate for his good customers while maintaining his sanity.

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