Cleaning on Valentine’s Day

by emilysmaids - February 8, 2021

Since the moment it is born, almost every living organism embarks on the quest of finding and impressing the opposite sex. This relentless pursuit gives us one of life’s most significant challenges and one of its most profound consolations.

For people, love has been described as almost being like a dance. However, that is untrue.

To be honest, love is more like a chemistry experiment, with thousands of little variables that you continuously or unconsciously must get right.

The dreaded and highly anticipated “mood” must be reached and maintained.

Dirt is a mood killer

Speaking for myself and most people: nothing ruins “the mood” faster than poor hygiene.

Lousy breath, wrinkled and unkempt clothing, dirty fingernails are all deal breakers for many people. Yet, you will not be spared from this rejection if you maintain good personal hygiene, but your living space is in tatters.

Usually, these problems do not occur at the start of the relationship when we are all very eager to impress. Throughout a long relationship, we tend to rest on our laurels and just stop trying. We begin dressing down, welcoming our partner to a messy house, and overall neglecting the atmosphere, if not the person.

There is no greater passion killer than implying: “I already have you, and I take you for granted. Why try to impress you?”.

This Valentine’s Day should signal the start of a different paradigm. We each should strive to welcome our Valentine to a mood-setting, crispy-clean house. Those of us who are brave enough can even attempt to cook something, taking great care not to burn down the house we just spotlessly cleaned.

Smells and bells

A nightmare scenario can occur: you just cleaned your bathroom, and your Valentine is soon to arrive. Yet, a hint of a bad smell lingers. It was covered at first by the citrus-flavored vapors of your cleaning solutions, yet those wear off quickly.

This clinging smell may seem strange, but it is a common problem for many people.

Cleaning your bathroom often involves some disinfectant, bleach-based solutions that promise to kill the accumulated bacteria. Yet, we treat these disinfectants like ordinary soap, and we rinse them away instantly.

Then, we get tricked by their minty or citrus smell into thinking the toilet, the sink, or the floor is clean.

Funky, lingering smells are off-putting, and you can eliminate them by covering bacteria-ridden surfaces with disinfectant and leaving them to soak for about 15 minutes. Give it time to work.

Your sink is another primary source of funky smells, as it gathers grease, skin cells, hair, and all types of dirt. Bending over a sink that belches nasty smell is enough to ruin the mood with your Valentine.

Be sure to get some powder drain cleaner and pour it down the sink. After about 10 minutes, chase it down with boiling water.

Cleaning as a Valentine’s gift

It is not uncommon for partners to have a copy of each other’s house keys. As a surprise, you could take him/her out for a lovely dinner. As you are out on the town, you can hire a professional cleaning service to come and make the place spotless.

Most cleaners won’t refuse you if you ask them nicely to leave a few heart-shaped decorations lying around. Your Valentine will expect you to take them out, yet they won’t expect to come home to a Valentine’s themed, crispy-clean home.

Also, many maid services offer house cleaning gift cards. It’s practically a vacation away from cleaning – a perfect gift for your loved one.

Queen for a Day

This one doesn’t have as much to do with cleaning as it is just a simple and easy way to have your Valentine feel like a Queen for a day. Might take some planning but that is what makes it a sure hit.

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