How much dust is safe for your body?

by emilysmaids - June 25, 2019

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After that Thanos snap, it got me thinking of dust. You are dust and unto dust you shall return. when we are in our homes and our jobs you have one thing for certain, it’s gonna get dusty. Even if you take a few extra steps dust will always find a way to get in. Even if you don’t use that room that much, dust is pretty much everywhere, so should you be worried?

Why do you need to clean if its gonna get dirty anyway mom? If you heard this phrase before and got infuriated don’t worry, you are not the 1st or the last one. Dust is not only dirt, it is a complex mix of many things, even live creatures. This is a microenvironment. It’s mainly a mix of degradation of living things, like your skin. Every day we drop some and these dead cells combine with other external things and form dust. Dirt from outside, little hairs from you or your pet, and the result is a fine dust layer.

Some studies indicate that up to 60% of the dust of your house comes from the outside. This is from the smoke from cars, dead animals, degradation of plants and any organic material actually. So the rest comes from you.

If you are a smoker you will realize that the amount of dust in your house is usually greater than from other people. This is because the smoke is not only gas, its solids that burn and left behind little particles, like car engines. So any fire produces dust. You can see this after a barbecue grill is usually covered in dust. So this is not a new thing. Dust is older than humanity, and when we don’t exist, you can be sure that dust will exist.

So, for something like this you could think that it could be dangerous for you. It’s dead organic material. Sounds risky. But is it?

Studies have found that it could get dangerous, it all depends on you and how often do you clean. If you haven’t cleaned in years it could be really dangerous. Dust could be from anywhere and there is a risk it could be toxic. So, the longer it goes on, the more toxic it becomes.

Don’t panic! Probably every corner of your house is dusty, don’t see a monster where there isn’t one, it’s not dangerous if you place is dusty. Only in places that haven’t been cleaned for a very long time is it dangerous. The best thing you can do after a vacuum is to use a microfiber cloth. These cloths are excellent to use against dust, you can buy them in bulk and really cheap, so you can save big bucks there because they are usually reusable. The vacuums are another great tool to keep your house dust free.

The recommended guideline to keep your house safe and healthy is to dust once a month. This avoids a big percentage of health problems related to dust, such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.

A clean home is a healthy home.


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