How to Clean the House in 10 minutes for Unexpected Guests

by admin - February 1, 2013

Have you ever been lazing around on the weekend, relaxing in your pajamas  when the phone rings? It’s a friend of yours…

Them: “Hey buddy! I’m on my way to your house!”
You: “Oh, yeah, um… great! Wait- what???”

You hang up, horrified at the post apocalyptic state of your home. No time to waste, follow this quick list to save face with an unexpected guest.

1) Pick a room. You don’t have much time so you should choose one area to receive your guest in, this is typically the living room. Most of your efforts will be made in this area.

2) Hide the evidence. Grab a trash bag or a laundry basket and make a quick sweep of the surfaces, furniture and other surfaces. You want to gather all the clutter, trash, dirty dishes… EVERYTHING. Don’t worry about sorting it, set the container in another room and close the door.

3) Grab a dishtowel. Use furniture polish or a multi-surface cleaner to wipe down the surfaces in the room you chose.

4) Dim the lights if possible. Not that you want to be sitting in the dark, but the stronger the light in the room is the more noticeable the dirt  or dust will be too. No dimmer switch? Maybe closing the curtains will help.

5) Light a candle. Or spray some clean smelling air freshener. Smell goes a long way towards making a room appear clean and inviting.

6) Bathroom blitz. The bathroom is perhaps the only other part of your house that your guest may need to visit. Give it a quick once over with a multipurpose cleaner and a cloth. Start with the mirror(s), then the counter tops and sink. Push any clutter into a drawer or hide it in a cabinet. Wipe down the toilet tank, lid and seat. Spray some product into the bowl and give it a fast scrub with the toilet brush. Now flush. Close the shower curtain or shower door to block the view of the bath/shower area. Take the trash out with you when you leave.

7) Block off the rest of the house. This is as easy as closing the door on every room.

8) Create a distraction. Turn the TV on or put some good music on. If you have some ready made snacks you can set those out (a bowl of chips, a plate of fruit, etc.) The point is to channel your guest’s attention away from any spots you might have missed.

Going into Overtime!

There you have it, 10 minutes to clean! But let’s say you get lucky, finish this list and your guest still hasn’t arrived, then what? Use these ideas to maximize your extra inning:

  • Get cleaned up. Wash your face, brush your teeth, put on a clean shirt, shave, whatever you have time for. After all, YOU are the main attraction! (this is for spaghetti guy especially, clean up your act)
  • Sweep or vacuum the room you speed cleaned
  • Tidy other rooms in the house, like the kitchen.


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