How To Clean Bed Sheets

by emilysmaids - July 26, 2018

Being a maid service, we’ve cleaned quite a few bed sheets in our time. Here are 5 simple steps to keep your bed sheets clean:

WASH OFTEN: First, conventional wisdom is to wash sheets at least once every two weeks. However I have my sheets washed weekly. The more often you wash, the better you can control the dust mite population.

CHECK THE LABEL: Second, how to clean your sheets will depend on the type of fabric. Check the care label, setting to the highest temperature indicated on the label. Hotter the water, the better to kills germs and eliminate dust mites.

SEPARATE COLORS AND WHITES: Third, like all other laundry, separate colors and whites as you do with other laundry to avoid color bleed.

WASH SHEETS BY THEMSELVES: Fourth, wash the sheets by themselves. They are large, bulky and need all the space they can get (no added clothes) for best results.

KEEP A SPARE SET NEARBY: Finally, keep a spare set of laundered sheets readily available. When you wash one set you can place the spare on your bed. Or if one set is ruined or ripped, you’re covered!

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