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DIY Furniture Polish Recipes Using Natural Ingredients

June 9, 2023 by emilysmaids

DIY Furniture Polish Recipes Using Natural Ingredients - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hi! Welcome back to our blog! Today we wanted to share some DIY furniture polish recipes using natural ingredients.

Furniture is one of the most essential parts of any home. It not only serves its fuctional purpose, but also adds character and personality to our home. But we all know furniture can become dull and lose its shine.

This is why you need to take care of it with furniture polish. Furniture polish is important to keep our furniture looking clean and shiny.

There are plenty of DIY furniture polish recipes, and the best part is, you can use natural and cheap ingredients!

Why do We Need Furniture Polish?

First of all, furniture polish can help to clean, protect and shine wooden furniture. It can also extend the life of your furniture and make it look more attractive.

Furthermore, many of the materials used for furniture come from organic sources. For example, you have wood, bamboo or rattan. These are either trees or plants that, when alive, obtain their natural shine on their own. This can be either from the environment or by creating their own protective coating.

Although they still respond to the environment after they have been converted into furniture, they do not produce this coating. Or at least, not enough in some cases. This is why you need to add your own furniture polish, either by buying them from the store or creating your own DIY furniture polish.

Why should you polish furniture - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Benefits of Using Furniture Polish

Furniture polish helps us keep our furniture beautiful, on the outside and the inside!

First, you are protecting the surface. Polish adds a protective coating that resists (to some degree) stains, scratches and other forms of damage. These are caused daily by spilling liquids, moving furniture or by the environment.

The environment, in a way, is a silent killer for our furniture. That is, in case it’s not polished. Moisture and temperature impact on the surface. If you live in a city such as Dallas, with high humidity, the surface might stain or you might see mold and mildew growing on top of your surface.

Second, you are also enhancing the appearance of your furniture polish. With a protective coating, You will add shine and depth to the surface’s fibers or grain.

A polished surface looks shiny, healthy and just more alive in general. If you are planning on selling your home, polishing your furniture can, in fact, increase your home’s value!

Even if your furniture is far from being brand new, if you take good care of it, it will make your entire home look and feel more expensive.

Last but not certainly not least, it will be easier to clean your home if your use furniture polish. This protective coating makes it easier to wipe dirt and grime.

First, your surface will be more uniform and less porous. This means dust particles won’t stick to the surface.

Second, even if the surface is clean, it might look dull and dirty if it’s not polished.

Here are some DIY furniture polish recipes for you to try at home. They are easy to make and safe to use on many different types of furniture!

Beeswax and Linseed Oil Furniture Polish

Beeswax is a natural polish and it has many benefits.

To start, melt 1/2 cup of beeswax in a double boiler. Once it melted, remove from heat and stir, adding 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of jojoba oil. Once combined, pour the mixture into a container and let it cool.

Scoop a small amount onto a soft microfiber cloth and rub onto your furniture. Always move in a soft, circular motion.

You can replace linseed oil with carnauba wax if you want to. The carnauba is harder and also has a higher melting point. This means it will give a harder finish. But that’s up to your personal preferences!

Always test first in a small, hidden area to ensure it won’t cause staining.

Beeswax as a cleaning product - Emily's maids of Dallas

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Furniture Polish

This polish is quite simple and straightforward. Just mix 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of lemon juice.

Olive oil is a well-known natural moisturizer and this is necessary from time to time. However, if you notice your furniture is already ‘oily’, it’s best to skip this recipe.

Apply a small amount to a soft cloth and rub it onto your furniture using a soft, circular motion.

Let it sit for a few minutes, and buff using a clean cloth.

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Coconut Oil and Lemon Essential Oil Furniture Polish:

Coconut oil is a carrier oil, which means that it helps to “carry” an essential oil such as lemon oil.

Lemon essential oil can help to clean and remove dirt and grime from your furniture. It can also leaving a fresh and pleasant scent. However, lemon oil can be too acidic and not suitable for all types of furniture.

To create this solution, just mix 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil with 15 drops of lemon essential oil.

To apply, repeat the instructions from the other solutions: rub in a circular motion and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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DIY Furniture polish using coconut oil and lemon oil - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Coffee Grounds and Olive Oil

This recipe is quite unusual, but effective! Coffee grounds are abrasive and able to remove dirt and scratches from the wood. With friction, they slowly add color and aroma to the wood.

Olive oil, on the other hand, is a moisturizer.

You will need 1/4 cup of used coffee grounds and 1/4 cup of olive oil. Mix them in a bowl until well combined.

Rub it onto your furniture in a circular motion and buff with a dry microfiber cloth for extra shine. If you notice the wood grain, follow the direction of the grain. Avoid using too much polish or leaving any excess on the surface.

DIY furniture polish using coffee grounds and olive oil


There you have it! We hope these DIY furniture polish recipes will help you take care of your furniture and make them look brand new!

As you know, we’re all for using natural cleaning products. We love the fact that they are common ingredients that you can find in your kitchen or bathroom.

As a final tip, store your homemade furniture polish in a cool and dark place, such as a cupboard or a refrigerator. If you are using lemon juice, for example, keep in mind you will need to use it fast before it goes bad.

Don’t forget to check Emily’s Maids of Dallas if you want a professional cleaning service. We’ll be back soon with more cleaning tips!

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Granite Countertops

May 9, 2023 by emilysmaids

How to properly clean and maintain your granite countertops - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hi! Welcome back to Emily’s Maids blog! Today, we’ll give you tips on how to properly clean and maintain your granite countertops.

Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for homeowners. You may see them on your kitchen, your bathroom and your laundry room.

Granite countertops are not only beautiful and elegant, but they are also durable, as long as you take good care of them. If you clean and maintain them with the right supplies, your granite countertops will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

In this article, we’ll give you our secrets to clean granite countertops without damaging the surface.

Don’t forget to visit Emily’s Maids of Dallas if you need a house cleaning service in the Dallas area! We’ll take good care of your granite countertops. And the rest of your house too.

Now, without further ado, let’s get those granite countertops squeaky clean!

What Is Granite?

First of all, it’s always good to know where your material comes from to understand how you should treat it.

Granite is a type of rock that was once magma and then cooled down and turned completely solid.

The process is quite simple: you grab a giant rock of natural stone, and cut it into slabs with gang saws, cover it with resin and cure it using an industrial oven.

Most natural stone countertops are imported from Italy, Spain, Brazil, and China.

Keeping granite countertops clean - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Why Cleaning Granite Countertops is Important

Natural stone is sensitive to stains, scratches and humidity overall. Although resin protects granite, if you use the wrong cleaning product or technique, you can damage this protective coating.

If you take good care of your granite countertops, you will see they stay as shiny as ever.

Besides, cleaning any countertop or surface is important. By cleaning your granite countertops, you are removing dirt and bacteria accumulating on the surface.

Last but not least, granite countertops are always a plus in a home or property. They add value to any kitchen or bathroom.

But if they look worn out or dull, it can decrease your entire property’s value and discourage potential buyers.

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Clean your countertop right after spilling - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Clean Spills Immediately

Cleaning spills is one of the most important things you can do if you want to preserve your granite countertops.

This is because, besides leaving permanent superficial stains, spills can slowly penetrate the surface. If they are acidic compounds such as lemon juice or vinegar, they are going to eat away at the surface.

This leaves dull spots or marks known as etching. Definitely something to avoid.

At this point, you might be wondering the most effective way to wipe spills. If you have microfiber or cotton kitchen cloths, you will have to be constant and clean them right away, and they will still harbor bacteria after some time. And if you use napkins, you will spend too much paper.

A happy medium would be to get yourself reusable (washable) napkins or paper towels. They are cheaper than regular microfiber cloths but can also last for +2 weeks. This is the perfect time window for you to use them several times and then throw them away.

Besides, you can use them to wipe your sink after each use. Just remember to rinse and hang them dry after using them!

Wiping your granite countertops - Emily's Maids of Dallas

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Prevent Damage Before Having to Clean

The best strategy for cleaning is not having to clean at all. It’s best to find some affordable solutions to prevent using your countertops directly. You have anything from trivets, mats, coasters, and cutting boards.

As we were mentioning earlier, acidic or oily substances can etch or stain the stone. Some examples are orange or lemon juice, tomato sauce, coffee, wine or cooking oil. Even if it’s just cold water dripping from a glass, it will create a watermark with time.

Do not place hot pots or pans directly on the surface, because they can crack the stone.

If you protect your granite countertops, they will last much longer and you will also save on cleaning products.

Lemon juice can stain your vinegar countertop

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

For example, even though white vinegar is extremely versatile and a great cleaner, it doesn’t work as well with granite. As we were mentioning earlier, this will be more of a problem than a solution. The same goes for ammonia, bleach, or citric acid.

You have two options here: either a specialized natural stone cleaner, or just a mild dish soap. Whatever it is, make sure it is pH-neutral and non-abrasive.

Green multi-purpose cleaners can work on many different surfaces and they are usually more gentle than other commercial cleaners.

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How to Seal and Polish Your Granite Countertops

Besides regular cleaning, you will have two more extra tasks that you ned to do to preserve your granite countertops.

The first one is sealing. As we were mentioning earlier, granite is a natural stone that is sealed with resin during its creation. You can test the current state of your sealant by sprinkling some water on the surface. If water sinks in and the granite darkens, it’s time to replace your sealant.

You can buy a granite sealer online or in a home improvement store. It’s very important that the surface is clean and dry and that you follow the instructions on the label. Therefore, make sure you use a handheld vacuum cleaner, microfiber cloths or whatever you need to ensure the surface is spotless.

You will often have to wait 24 hours before using your countertop again. You should reseal your countertops every 1 – 3 years.

The next task would be polishing. Polish your granite countertops with a soft cloth and a granite polish. You need specialized polish, as they are designed to enhance the color and shine of the stone.

If your countertops are clean but with fingerprints or smudges, you can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove them. Avoid using wax or oil-based products because they leave a residue that attracts dirt and dust.


There it is! Your granite countertops will remain nice and shiny for a long time. Make sure you follow our cleaning blog and stay tuned with our tips!

Easter Cleaning Checklist

April 9, 2023 by emilysmaids

Easter Cleaning Checklist - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hi! Were back with another article! We know today is Easter so, what better way to celebrate than with an Easter cleaning checklist?

Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth, and it’s a perfect opportunity to do some deep cleaning and decluttering in your home.

By now, the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer. Let’s make your home feel clean and fresh again. With an Easter cleaning checklist, you will stay organized and ensure you don’t miss any important tasks.

Before we continue, remember to check our house cleaning service in Dallas. If you need our help this Easter, Emily’s Maids is always happy to help!

Here’s a step-by-step checklist to make sure you hit all the right areas in your home. We want to help you deep clean your home and enjoy it with your friends and family this Easter!

Easter Cleaning Step #1: Clean and Organize Your Kitchen

If you plan to cook or bake for Easter, then you better start cleaning and organizing your kitchen!

It’s a good idea to start with your kitchen because it is one of the most time-consuming areas, and you can leave your cleaning products act on the surface while you take care of other areas.

Easter is a good opportunity to deep clean your appliances, which we know tend to be overlooked in regular cleaning.

The appliances that will need most care are probably your fridge, your stove and your oven. If you are deep cleaning your oven, look for fume-free oven cleaners or eco-friendly oven cleaners.

Next, you have your countertops, cabinets, and drawers. You will need a few microfiber cloths and all-purpose soap.

If you have the time for deep cleaning, you have to clean your sink, faucets and handles as well. A steam cleaner will be perfect for this job as it an reach difficult nooks and crannies. Besides, it’s able to melt down grease and buildup.

Last but not least, sweep and mop your floors and make sure you open a window to let fresh air in. If you have ceramic tiles, mopping with a one part vinegar, 10 parts water mix should be enough. You can add a few drops of essential oil to help you add a nice fragrance. (If you have pets, check first if they are allergic to essential oils).

Cleaning Kitchen for Easter - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Next Step: Your Living Room

This is the next step in our Easter cleaning checklist, although you can swap it out with other areas if you need to.

Start by dusting all surfaces such as your shelves, your coffee table and your TV stand.

Clean any mirrors or glass surfaces using ammonia-free glass cleaner. If you don’t have one, create a cleaning solution with one cup of warm water, one cup of white vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of mild dish soap. Use a squeegee to wipe the solution and let dry.

Clean any upholstery or pillows too. They are often forgotten within your everyday cleaning checklist. Easter is the perfect time to clean these items! Especially if you are having guests soon. Check the care tag from your upholstery and pillows.

Depending on the material, you might need to clean them with water, solvent-based cleaners, or just with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

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Next on Your Easter Cleaning Checklist: Your Bathrooms

Your bathrooms are next and, for obvious reasons, one of the most challenging areas to clean. The key is to let your cleaning agents act on their own.

An effective DIY cleaning solution for your bathrooms are vinegar and baking soda. The good part is that you can let them any of them act on the surface for a long time. Then, add the next product to create a chemical reaction.

Don’t worry! Mixing white vinegar and baking soda is perfectly safe. After you’ve added them to your surfaces, let 10 – 15 minutes and wipe. Make sure you leave a cleaning brush to use in your bathroom only.

If you prefer using commercial cleaning products, do not mix them (this happens quite frequently). They are meant to be used individually.

Cleaning bathroom faucets - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Next on Your Easter Cleaning List: Your Bedrooms

Because we’re talking about Easter and deep cleaning, you need to make a big change in your bedrooms!

First, wash all bedding, including sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. Just like you did with your upholstery and pillows, check the care tag to ensure you are using the right cleaning technique.

Dust your bed frames, headboards and nightstands. You can use your vacuum cleaner with the proper attachment. Next, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

You can add one or two drops of olive oil if you have wood furniture. It will slightly moisturize your surface and give it a nice shine.

Deep cleaning your bedrooms for easter - Emily's Maids

Vacuum and Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Vacuuming is one of the most important steps, especially if you have area rugs and/or carpet floors. Carpets and rugs harbor dirt, dust, allergens, and pet hair. This affects the air quality and appearance of your home.

We know that Dallas has poor air quality. Therefore, it is important to keep your home deodorized and breathe clean, fresh air.

If you have allergies, microbes in your carpets and rugs will make you sneeze often. That’s a sign you need to vacuum and clean your rugs and carpets.

First, pick up any large objects or debris on the carpet or rug. Do this to avoid your vacuum from getting clogged or damaged. Pick up all furniture items that you can move around.

Vacuum the carpets or rugs to remove loose debris. Use a crevice tool or a brush tool attachment to reach into corners and edges.

Make sure you vacuum in different directions to lift up the carpet fibers. Go slow and steady to ensure you are truly absorbing all the dirt in your carpet floors or rugs. Clean hair off the brushroll regularly.

If you have a steam cleaner or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, you will be able to remove even more dirt. Follow the instructions on your vacuum cleaner or steamer and fill the water tank with any cleaning solution (if needed).

Do not oversaturate your carpet floors with water, because you will need them to dry thoroughly after you’ve finished.

Let your carpets and rugs dry completely before putting any furniture back on them. This might take several hours or even a day, depending on where you live. Dallas tends to be humid but with high temperatures, so it shouldn’t take too long.

If possible, use a dehumidifier, windows, or fans to speed up the process.

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Bonus Details for your Easter Cleaning Checklist

Last but not least, make sure you check every detail and areas that you normally miss with your daily cleaning.

This includes windowsills, baseboards and ceiling fans. They slowly gather dirt on top of them and you might not notice this, but your guests will!

Cleaning windowsills detail cleaning - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Last but not least, add some fun décor! Easter is all about celebrating and filling your home with special items. Have fun with it and make it a family event!

Make sure you check our entire checklist down below and download the image to print it out! You can stick it in your fridge or save it in your personal agenda. Remember this checklist is only a guide! Feel free to adapt it in order to make it work for your family.



That’s it! We hope you enjoy our easter cleaning checklist.

This checklist is a starting point, and you can adjust it to fit your specific needs.

We’ll be back soon with more cleaning tips, and we hope you had fun and spend quality time with your family this Easter!

Spring Cleaning Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2023 by emilysmaids

Spring Cleaning Tips for St Patrick's Day - Emily's Maids of Dallas

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate than by doing some Spring Cleaning for St. Patrick’s Day? Both spring and St. Patrick’s day are starting in just a few days.

Today we wanted to give you some tips to clean your home this week before St. Patrick’s Day.

You’ll be starting the spring season with the right foot, and if you’re planning a big party, you’ll impress your guests and have so much fun!

As always, make sure you check Emily’s Maids of North Dallas page to book our professional cleaning service in the North Dallas area. Remember we also are serving Dallas, Grapevine and Flower Mound.

Without further ado, let’s read some cleaning tips for St. Patrick’s Day to have your home cleaned in the blink of an eye.

Start With Decluttering Before St. Patrick’s Day

First of all, we always recommend decluttering. This is a fantastic opportunity because spring is a season where you can add so much color and personality to your home. Besides, once a quarter is the perfect frequency to remove old, unused objects that no longer bring happiness to your home.

If you have the chance, take the time to declutter your home, but make sure you stay on track to finish before St. Patrick’s Day, which is tomorrow! If anything, take half a day to declutter your most problematic areas.

Here’s a tip: set a timer for each area and leave 30 extra minutes to wrap up. Try to be realistic about your goals because it’s better to finish a small, more realistic goal than set yourself a bigger goal and then feel frustrated by not finishing your goal.

Another great tool is to use three boxes to sort out your items. The three boxes are Keep, Donate, or Trash. Get rid of items that are no longer helpful or that do not add any value to your home.

This includes old magazines and newspapers, broken toys or clothes that are not your right fit anymore. If they are in good condition, you can donate them. Otherwise you should get rid of them.

Decluttering for St Patrick's Day - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Refresh Your Bedding

Your bedding is one of the most important elements of your house. Now with the new season, you need to make sure you don’t have dust or allergens flying around.

This is the perfect time to deep clean your pillowcases and your comforter. Over the year they are gathering dust, sweat, and bacteria.

If you are still sleeping uncomfortably or if you notice allergic reactions all the time, the problem could be related to moisture or dust in the air. In this case, you can either invest in an air filter, a humidifier, or a dehumidifier, depending on the issue. This will certainly increase your sleep quality.

Clean Out Your Fridge and Pantry

While you’re at it, it’s time to deep clean your fridge and pantry. If you are decluttering, this is a perfect time because your shelves will be empty and ready for you to wipe them clean!

This will take you around 1 to 2 hours so take that into consideration for your schedule.

To clean your pantry and your fridge, here are some tips you can apply:

  • Check the expiration date! You might be surprised to find items that are no longer safe to eat. Check all your herbs and spices as well to ensure they are still tasty.
  • If you have the time, find an organizational system that works for you, such as lazy susans, stackable containers or just bins and baskets.
  • You might find some areas where you have greasy spots. A hard-bristled brush may be useful along with some degreaser or concentrated dish soap.
  • A white-vinegar mix is usually great for different types of surfaces. You might want to use an all-purpose cleaner or a bit of liquid dish soap.

Clean Your Outdoor Living Space Before St. Patrick’s Day

Now that the weather is warmer, you can sweep your deck or patio. Also, pay attention to any outdoor furniture that needs to be washed.

For wood furniture, you can try using 1/4 cup of castile soap and pouring it into one gallon of warm water. Wipe your furniture and dry it thoroughly. If possible, let it air dry for a couple of hours.

Check for any necessary repairs because you want to enjoy your outdoor furniture to the fullest now that spring is just around the corner.

Focus on The Floors

You probably want to leave floors for last because, as you know, the smartest route is to clean from top to bottom. If you have been decluttering, for example, you know a lot of dust and lint is going to fall directly to your floors, so you want to wait until you’ve finished your other cleaning tasks before deep cleaning all your floors and remove all that dust and dirt.

As you know, each type of floor needs different cleaning steps. Mild dish soap and warm water are usually safe for pretty much all types of floors.

To deep clean carpet floors and area rugs, consider hiring a carpet cleaning service or renting a steam cleaner. Keep in mind the steam cleaner will take you around 3 – 4 hours if you have a big home. For hardwood or tile floors, sweep all floors and if possible, use a vacuum cleaner to reach corners and other areas.

Then, use a damp mop with just a tiny bit of soap and other cleaning agent (white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, etc). Mop with a fresh clean mop again and then a second time with a dry, absorbent mop. It’s best to do this with plenty of sunlight and airflow to help your floors dry faster.

Pro tip: read our Essential Oils Cleaning Guide! You can add a few drops of essential oil to give your floors a delicious fragrace. However, keep in mind not all essential oils are safe for pets.

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Vacuuming and Cleaning Floors - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Bring in Fresh Flowers For St. Patrick’s Day

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers! And besides adding some decór for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s always nice to add a few vases of fresh flowers after a deep house cleaning.

They are the perfect final touch because they add fragrance and color, and they will improve your mood when you look at them.

If you don’t like flowers, you can light a scented candle, for example. You have many scents to choose from, many of them are soothing and calming. And they are also spring themed!

You can also use an essential oils diffuser which delivers pretty much the same results. The only downside is that they need some occasional maintenance and they can be a bit noisy.

Placing Flowers in your Home for Spring - Emily's Maids


There you have it! Our best tips for cleaning for St. Patrick’s Day. We hope you get to clean and tidy your home as much as possible because today is St. Patrick’s Day and we want you to enjoy this day to the fullest!

Remember to check Emily’s Maids of Dallas if you need a professional cleaning service in the Dallas area. We’ll be back soon with more cleaning articles!

We hope you have a lot of fun this St. Patrick’s Day!

How Much Does it Cost to Clean a House in Texas?

February 20, 2023 by emilysmaids

How much does it cost to clean a house in texas - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hi! We’re back with another cleaning article! This time, we wanted to answer this question that we get asked often: How much does it cost to clean a house in Texas?

We know the cost of a cleaning service is sometimes difficult to estimate or calculate. There are many factors that determine the cost of a cleaning service, and this means the cost can vary significantly.

Although our website does offer a quick and simple cost estimate calculator, we understand not all companies are the same.

In this article, you will read all the possible items that will impact on the cost of cleaning a house in Texas, and how important is the budget within a cleaning service.

We will also give you our best tricks to lower the total cost of your cleaning service! You might be able to get very nice discounts from your original cost after using some of our tips.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean a House in Texas?

You can find many different estimate costs for a house cleaning service in Texas. Most of them are somewhere around $120 and $250 on average. But that depends on all the factors we discussed earlier.

For example, if your cleaning company charges by square footage, you might have to pay more for a bigger home.

The type of service is also important. Most cleaning companies offer at least three services, which are standard cleaning, deep cleaning, and move-in or move-out cleaning. Standard cleaning is usually the most affordable one, but you might need a different service at some point.

Additional cleaning tasks can be in the range of $20 to $100 for each task.

With a nice discount, you can even find a house cleaning services in dallas under $100!

If you are a housekeeper, you might want to check the guide created by our friends from Dallas Maids, where you will learn how much it costs to clean a house from a house cleaners’ perspective.

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What Affects the Cost of a House Cleaning Service in Texas?

As we mentioned earlier, this is one the most frequently asked questions for a cleaning company. In order to answer how much it costs to clean a house in Texas, we need to consider some factors about the customer and the house cleaner.

To get a cleaning quote, you will need to provide the following info:

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms and additional rooms that you want to get cleaned. Common areas (kitchen, living room, eating area) are usually included in every service. You should always confirm first.

The square footage of your home: some cleaning companies or housekeepers prefer to charge by square footage instead of rooms. This might benefit you if you have a really small home.

The cleaning tasks you want to have them do for you, such as vacuuming, dusting and tidying, as well as additional cleaning chores (such as deep cleaning or doing laundry)

Special instructions or requests such as using specific cleaning products or dealing with pets, for example.

Your desired cleaning frequency, because one-time cleaning services are often more expensive than recurring services.

Cleaning companies and independent housekeepers often have big differences in cost. Keep in mind that the operative costs of cleaning companies are much higher than an independent house cleaner.

Comparing prices of cleaning services

How do I Find About the Cost of a House Cleaning Service in Texas?

There are many ways to know the cost of a Texas house cleaning service. Most cleaning companies offer an automatic calculator that adds the cost of each room, as well as any additional rooms or tasks that you need.

This is the fastest route because you are able to check exactly what you need. The best part is, they won’t even have to know your name or contact info. In less than 10 minutes you can even compare different sites and see the pros and cons of each company or housekeeper.

With an automatic calculator, you can see how each additional task changes the total cost and if you are willing to pay the difference to get that extra room or task as part of your cleaning service.

If they don’t have a website that offers this tool, you can contact them via email or phone number.

With emails, you can contact several companies at the same time requesting a budget. With phone communication, you are able to ask several questions quickly. You might have to take note of each price list individually, though.


How to Lower the Cost of a House Cleaning Service

After finding the perfect house cleaning company for you, you might need to lower the cost estimate you received from them. Here are some tricks to help you lower this cost:

Hire a recurring cleaning service:

You can lower the cost of a cleaning service by asking for a recurring service instead of a one-time service. Depending on the frequency of visits, you might get significant discounts on the total cost. A recurring cleaning service can give you many benefits in the long run, so you might want to consider this type of service instead of a one-time visit.

You might need to tweak the frequency to find the perfect balance between a recurring service (with a nice discount!) while still remaining affordable. For example, you might want to try a twice-a-month frequency and then switch to once every three weeks.

Don’t miss out on freebies & discounts!

Cleaning companies will often give you discounts or special offers during a holiday, an important company event, or as a reward for frequent customers or first-time clients.

Make sure you follow your cleaners’ social media or newsletter to find out about special offers.

Negotiate on cleaning tools and supplies:

Depending on the company or housekeeper, you might be able to reach an agreement where they offer you a discount in exchange for supplying cleaning agents or tools.

If your housekeeper or cleaning company agrees with this offer, you might see a small saving in the long run, especially if you are able to buy them in bulk. Plus, you will be able to choose your favorite cleaning products, which comes in handy if you have any preferences or restrictions (e.g., eco-friendly or fragrance-free products).

Take charge of some cleaning tasks:

Cleaning services include a limited number of tasks. Make sure you ask which cleaning tasks are charged as an extra. For example, doing the dishes, cleaning windows or cleaning the walls). If they are not included in their cleaning checklist, you might have to do them by yourself to cut costs.

Your cleaning costs will increase if your house is really messy. This might be the case for rooms that were closed for some time or areas that are not cleaned regularly (e.g., behind the fridge or inside your kitchen cabinets).

Tidying up quickly before your house cleaners arrive can avoid you having to pay additional fees. In any case, if there is an area that is particularly messy or that has not been cleaned in a while, you might want to consult your cleaning service first.

Why Does it Cost so Much to Clean a House?

By knowing the cost to clean a house, you can get some insights about the company or housekeeper.

A reliable cleaning service will find the perfect balance between a reasonable cost while maintaining exceptional quality and reliability.

If you find a company or housekeeper with prices that are much lower than their competition, then it probably means they needed to cut corners in some way. They might be sacrificing quality, responsibility, or safety.

Companies with lower costs might be just getting started, and therefore offering lower prices to build a clientele. This is not necessarily a bad sign, they could be fantastic cleaners! But they might not offer all the advantages of a more experienced house cleaner.

Consider researching different cleaning services, supplies, and discounts in order to find the best price for the job. Reviews and ratings are important because, in the long run, a service that is way too cheap will (most likely) not be able to offer you an outstanding service, or they might encounter issues with their customers more often.

Comparing prices of cleaning services

At the end of the day, a cleaning service helps you save time, energy (and sometimes even money!) in the long run. We suggest you try at least 2 – 3 times to really see the benefits in your household and in your life in general.

Related: Tricks to Simplify Your Housekeeping


The cost of a house cleaning service in Texas is certainly affordable, especially if you choose a recurring service.

Keep in mind that quality usually increases along with cost. Taking care of your finances is just as important as making sure that you are getting a top-notch cleaning service.

Just like any other service or product, it’s all about choosing if your priority is price, quality, or a both. As we mentioned earlier, make sure you compare different services and check their reviews and ratings, especially if they offer lower prices than competition.

If you are wondering how much does it cost to clean your house, you can check Emily’s Maids of Dallas booking page to get a free estimate in less than one minute!

We hope these tips help you learn more about the cost of cleaning services in Texas. Don’t forget to check our blog for more cleaning tips!

What Mediocre Maid Services Don’t Want You to Know!

February 15, 2023 by emilysmaids

How to find a good maid service

A Business Owner’s Inside Secrets on Finding the BEST

With all the cookie-cutter maid services in Dallas, how do you know which one to pick? Here you’ll learn how to easily ferret out the junk from the gems with just a few questions. After years of growing a top-notch maid service in Dallas I’ve discovered what you should ask to find the best. I hope this will be helpful for you in finding the best maid service in Dallas, sparing you wasted time and money.

The four questions to ask a maid services in Dallas are 1) “Do you send the same team to clean out house?”, 2) “What is your annual employee turnover rate”, 3) “Why are your people the Best?”, and 4) “Do you have employees or independent contractors?” After covering these questions, I will share a couple of questions not to ask. These are common customers inquiries that at best are not useful and may cause you to choose a mediocre maid service.

Question 1:

“Do You Send the Same Team to Clean Our House?”

First, does the maid service in Dallas send the same team? This is very important for four reasons: 1) consistent quality, 2) a sense of ownership by the cleaning professional, 3) less breakage, 4) and the peace of mind of knowing who is cleaning your home.

Having the same team clean allows that team to learn how to clean your house more efficiently. They become acquainted with what each family wants, allowing them to tailor the cleaning according to customer’s needs. As time goes on, cleaning is consistent and might become better as the professional house cleaners learn the layout of the house finding a routine that best gets the cleaning done.

The professional house cleaner gains a sense of ownership of your house. Your house is now their house, their responsibility. Indeed, once they have a house, they prefer none of their peers to service “their” house for they do not know what the quality will be. They want you to be happy, for if you are happy, they know you will pass on praise to their supervisor when they call. They want a sense of accomplishment. And those maid services in Dallas that know how to find individuals that feel good from a job well done are the professionals you want.

As they learn how to clean your house and have a sense of ownership/responsibility, there is less breakage of valuables. Much, much less. With different teams cleaning your house, they fumble through, having more of a chance of breakage. Of course the maid services Dallas should be insured for at least $100,000 to cover any breakages/mistakes, though breakage is something we all want to avoid. Some sentimental items you cannot replace. You cannot place a price tag on an old family heirloom or even a wedding ring. My maid service, Dallas Maids, didn’t hesitate spending near $500.00 to professionally fix a $20.00 tea cup because it had sentimental value; it was a gift from the customers deceased grandmother. Please ensure they are insured and send the same people. Anyway, it is good to know who is cleaning your home.

It is always a good idea to meet the ladies that will be cleaning your house the first time, to see them work (If they talk on the phone as they work, smell of smoke or just smell, are slow, or any other thing that makes you feel uneasy, fire that service!). Theft should NOT be a concern when hiring a service, though it does happen, more so with some maid services than others and especially much more so with individuals. (We have heard horror stories of individuals, one of which where they cleaned out – and I am not referring to dirt – a house then flew out of the country for an early retirement). If you know who is cleaning your home, there is probably less chance of sticky fingers. With a service, they would have done a thorough background check. And if something does happen, you know it is covered.

Question 2:

“What is Your Employee Turnover Rate?”

This is a question that you would not think of asking, but is very important for two reasons: 1) make sure the lady cleaning your house today will be the one there next year, and 2) Dallas maid services with a high turnover rate have a broken system. First, as outlined in question one, you now know why it is important to have the same person to clean your home. Having a high turnover rate also is a symptom of a defective business system, or lack thereof. The company is unable to retain their people. Or maybe they are playing the numbers game trying to find a star while playing Russian roulette with their customer’s home. From what I have read, the average cleaning industry employee turnover rate is around 300%. This is NOT good nor should it be the average. It is an indication of the number of ineffectual house cleaning services there actually are. The rate you should be looking for should be closer to 0%. A good follow up question is “How Do You Find and Train Your Employees?” They should try to find the best at the beginning. With proper hiring procedures they should pick maybe 1 out of 50 job applicant inquiries. My maid service is even more selective than this, choosing 1 out of 120. Finding the BEST people has made all the difference! Criminal background checks, driving records (we require driver license), reference checks, along with a thorough interviewing process should be used. As for training, my service strongly prefers those with years of experience. We need the best from the start. Extended training, high employee turnover rates, lack of quality job, breakage, low moral, along with countless other problems caused by the inability to find and retain the best talent are very expensive. As a result their customer’s are charge more for less service. With a low turnover rate you can be confident their people are staying because they are treated with respect, are good at what they do, and generally the maid service Dallas is running the business effectively and efficiently, providing you with the highest value, the biggest bang for your buck.

Question 3:

“Why Are Your Professional House Cleaners the Best?”

There should be no hesitation on their part when you ask this question. The maid service representative should be able to rattle off why their people are the best, what awards and recognition they have earned, good stories on how their people responded to problems, etc. How selective are they? Any cases of theft? Do they send the same people? Another way to tell the integrity of the professional house cleaners is to know the integrity of the manager or owners. Everything filters down from those that manage the professional house cleaners. This is why it is important to know the company is doing all that is legal and good. Do they use contract workers (which is illegal and huge red flag for checking the integrity of those that will be in your house) or actual employees that pay taxes, that the company are more responsible for.

Questions 4:

“Do You Have Employees or Independent Contractors?”

Now, some less scrupulous house cleaning owners will try to skirt the law by hiring independent contractors instead of employees. This may allow them to charge less and/or add to their bottom line but this is breaking the law. It is illegal for maid services to hire contractors in the State of Texas. So, do ask the company if they hire employees (W-4 forms) or independent contractors (1099 forms). And other than being a case of tax evasion, there are some fundamental reasons why you should avoid these cleaning companies like a dirty toilet.

You want a maid service that has employees, not contract laborers because the company has more control over the employees, thus able to more effectively execute total quality management through performance bonuses, performance review procedures, ability to direct employees to follow procedures to maintain quality, etc. Employees also enjoy benefits that increase moral and motivation to a great job such as gas allowance, paid vacation, company outings, Holiday bonuses, etc. These build moral, loyalty, and motivation to provide top notch service.

Again, it’s also the law. Many maid services owners use contract labor because they are able to evade taxes and write off labor as an expense, escaping even from more taxes. This may work for a while though its against the law and the IRS will come a-knocking one day. I knew from the beginning everything had to be conducted correctly an ethically because it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s necessary to set an example to the professional house cleaners and the office managers. When the IRS came a-knocking, Dallas Maids passed with flying colors after the audit. Paying taxes is our patriotic privilege. It’s an honor to give back to America, a country that has given us so much opportunity!

With these four questions: “Do you send the same team to clean out house?”, “What is your annual employee turnover rate”, “Why are your people the Best?”, and “Do you have employees or independent contractors?”, you should be able to find a gem among the many coals out there. With barriers of entry low where almost anyone can start a maid service in Dallas, it is important know how to find the best house cleaner. Your home is where your personal possessions are, where your family sleeps. Protect it. Don’t let just anyone in.


Don’t Waste Your Time with These Questions

There are a couple of questions that customers have asked that do not provide them with sufficient or misleading information. First, is “Are you bonded?”. Rather ask “How much are you insured for?” Second, “What is your hourly rate?” can be misleading for one service may hire much slower workers, having a lower rate, though costing more due to the time they take.

Useless Question 1:

“Are You Bonded?”

Being bonded is not bad. It is an assurance that if anything comes up missing due to theft it will be covered up to a certain amount. Though it is not nearly enough for it only covers theft and usually does not cover more expensive items. What you want to ask is if they are insured. Insurance not only covers theft but also breakage, injury, or most anything that can go wrong. Instead of just being covered for a couple or few thousand with a bond, insurance usually covers $1,000,000 and up. Since it is much more expensive than being bonded, individual house cleaners do not usually have it. Indeed, some professional house cleaning services do not have it or do not have enough of it. Currently the coverage we offer our customers is one million dollars.

Useless Question 2:

“What is Your Hourly Rate?”

Is $30 per hour a better value than $50 an hour rate? Depends on the quality of the worker. A $50 per hour professional house cleaner that can efficiently clean your home in 2 hours, making it sparkle, is a better value than a less skilled cleaner that charges $30 an hour yet takes 5 hours to clean your home. I think it is safe to say that most would prefer an outstanding job at $100.00 rather than a mediocre job at $150.00. I’ve seen cases like and worse!


Asking “Do you send the same team to clean out house?”, “What is your annual employee turnover rate”, “Why are your people the Best?”, and “Do you have employees or independent contractors?” will go aid immensely in your search for a great maid service. Hope this helps you and your family find the perfect maid service in Dallas!

P.S. The following video, “How to Find a Good Maid Service”, was inspired by an earlier version of this article:

How to Find a Good Maid Service

How to Clean Your Home After the Holidays

January 2, 2023 by emilysmaids

How to Clean Your Home After the Holidays - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hello! We hope you enjoyed this weekend! Now you are probably asking yourself how to clean your home after the holidays.

At Emily’s Maids of Dallas, we always love to share house cleaning tips online. And we know there is always chaos in your home before and after an important event or family gathering. Cleaning after the holidays is always a challenge.

Besides, we can’t forget this is the last week of the year! This is the perfect chance to take a look at every room and decide what are you going to declutter, clean and organize your house.

This is why we found it helpful to create a guide for you to go through each area in your home this week to make it look clean and shiny again.

Some people think it’s a good luck sign to clean your home at this important point of the year. Regardless of your superstitions, what better way to start your year than by deep cleaning your home? This is the perfect opportunity to start 2023 on the right foot!

Without further ado, here are some tips to clean your home after the holidays. Enjoy!

Create a To-Do List to Clean Your Home After the Holidays

Following a list and/or schedule is the best way for you to accomplish your cleaning tasks without forgetting anything. With a list, you will also avoid spending unnecessary time on other tasks that were not part of the plan.

To keep track of your time without getting overwhelmed, you can try using the 20/10 method. This consists of cleaning for 20 minutes and then taking a break for 10 minutes.

Cleaning can be exhausting physically and even mentally (thinking of the best way to organize your items, having to discard or give away sentimental items…) so you might need a break. Don’t forget to set your timer to avoid your break from extending too much! 

Even though you are creating a list to clean your home after the holidays, you can still take this list as an example to clean your home the next week, or even adapt it to your recurring cleaning schedule.

Keep in mind that you are probably very tired after this hectic week! Set some reasonable expectations so you can clean as much as possible and tackle all essential areas without getting burned out.

Create a Cleaning To-do list Emily's Maids of Dallas

Declutter Your Home After The Holidays

Although it would have been ideal to declutter your home a week ago in order to donate for the holidays, you are still on time, and it is never too late.

It also makes sense to do this before cleaning. You might have items that you feel should be deep cleaned after the holidays, but those items might not be with you this new year in the first place.

If you keep that in mind, it doesn’t make sense to clean if you haven’t decluttered in the first place. And the first week of this new year might be the perfect time to do it!

One of the most well-known strategies for decluttering is to sort your items into three categories: keep/reuse, give away to charity, or throw away. It will be easier to visualize where everything is going to end up going after you’ve finished decluttering.

Another good rule of thumb is to declutter by category and not by room. For example, if you have books in your bedroom, your office and your garage, it will be easier to get into the “declutter books” mindset.

Leave sentimental items as the final category, in order to build momentum to make it easier to get rid of those items that no longer have a place in your life.

Declutter Home after the holidays - Emily's Maids

Remove Stains and Clean Your Floors

It is highly likely that you come across wine spills or food scraps from this weekend’s dinner. This should be your priority for two reasons:

a) stains set more and more over time, and

b) heat or hot water might set the stain even further if you didn’t remove it first.

If you have floors that are highly absorbing or sensitive, such as carpet floors or hardwood floors, this is even worse. 

Make sure to inspect your floors first, especially around the areas where your guests had some food or drinks.

Removing stains for floors depend on the type of stain. If you have carpet floors and you had some wine stains, for example, you can use a DIY cleaning solution. Hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and water is usually a safe, universal stain remover.

Always dab with the sponge, do not scrub in a circular motion because that will spread the stains even further.

After you have removed all stains and residues you can find, it would be a perfect time to clean all your floors. They have probably absorbed a lot of dust and bacteria. Even if you are not able to sense that right away, they are going to have a huge impact in your house after you’ve cleaned them.

Vacuuming is usually the best route to go for pretty much all types of floors. Make sure you are changing the attachment if you have different floor types. Some of them can get scratched if you are using the beater bar, for example.

You might need to hire a carpet cleaning service if you haven’t cleaned them in a long time, or if you are required by your landlord to have them cleaned by professionals.  

Don’t forget to check our III-part guide on How to Clean Your Floors!

Removing Floor Stains - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Clean Your Oven After The Holidays

We know how important is to prepare delicious meals to share with family. But when you are cleaning after the holidays, kitchen appliances are one of the most dreaded items.

After you’ve used your appliances and especially if you plan on using them again soon, then it is important to clean them as fast as possible.

The oven is one of the most popular appliances around this time of the year.

This is one of the messiest appliances after New Year’s, especially if you do not clean it frequently. With time, grease and baked-on food get stuck in the inner surfaces and it becomes harder to remove.

Oven cleaners are effective, but they are harmful as they release toxic fumes and can cause skin and respiratory reactions. Instead, you can try a DIY cleaning solution and then use oven cleaner as a last resource if that didn’t work.

To try this DIY cleaning solution, start by mixing half a cup of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of hot water. As we know, baking soda acts as an abrasive and it will soften grease slowly.

Remove the racks inside your oven. Spread the paste inside your oven without touching the heating elements. Pay extra attention to greasy areas. Leave this paste acting on the surface, preferably overnight.

Keep in mind you might need some time to remove this baking soda paste after you’ve cleaned your oven.

For your oven racks, soak them in boiling hot water and add a squirt of soap. Leave them for 1 – 2 hours and then scrub with a stiff bristle brush.

If you do end up using a commercial oven cleaner, remember to use gloves, a mask and goggles. Open up a window to prevent fumes from concentrating in your kitchen.

Cleaning the oven after the holidays

Call a Professional Cleaning Service

We know this week is so exciting and busy. It’s the last first week of the year after all!

That’s why many people prefer to hire a professional housekeeper. You are probably spending quality time with your family and planning out the start of your new year. In the meantime, you can let Emily’s Maids of Dallas take care of your home with our make-ready house cleaning service.

Feel free to check Emily’s Maids’ booking page. For cleaning after the holidays, our Deep Cleaning service might be the best choice for your household, but you can contact us or check our FAQ if you need any extra guidance or if you have any questions.

If you hire our cleaning service the first week of the year, it will be much easier to keep track of your cleaning days for recurring services in the future.

As always, remember to check Emily’s Maids cleaning service if you need help with cleaning your home after the holidays. We serve Dallas, Grapevine, Southlake, Flower Mound and nearby areas.


A new year always comes with many challenges. If you clean your home right after the holidays, it will help you start things off on the right foot.

We hope you are able to take the first week of the year to deep clean your home whether it’s through a cleaning service, by yourself, or with the help of your family or friends.

Check our blog for more cleaning tips! We always love to share our cleaning secrets and advice with our customers and our online visitors.

For example, we believe our guide for Cleaning and Organizing is perfect to take a look at before deep cleaning this year.

Once again, we wish you an amazing 2023 and we hope to keep making families happier this year.

Happy New Year!

Emily’s Maids Last-Minute Christmas Cleaning

December 24, 2022 by emilysmaids

Emily's Maids Last-Minute Christmas Cleaning

Hello and welcome to our newest article! We can’t believe Christmas is coming so soon! That’s why we came up with a last-minute Christmas cleaning guide  for you to clean and organize your home as much as possible before Christmas Eve.

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year when you get to spend time with your friends and family. If you have followed our blog for a while, you know we create our checklists following a weekly or monthly structure.

We already created an article for the holidays last year. But in this case, and knowing how soon Christmas is, we are going to take a slightly different route and make it a 1-day schedule.

This way, you can do the most out of these 24 hours prior to the night of Christmas, to give you some time to prepare your home before guests arrive.

We’ve estimated that you have around 6 hours in total for cleaning before Christmas, so make sure you organize your time and sort out which tasks you are going to accomplish each day.

This guide is only a suggestion, you are welcome to reorder, add or remove tasks and even incorporate other areas in your home.

As always, we’d love to suggest you check our professional cleaning service in Dallas, Grapevine, Southlake and Flower Mound.

Our make-ready cleaning service in Dallas can get you out of a hurry so you can focus all your energy in preparing your dinner, decorating your home or running errands.

Without further ado, here is how you can clean your home last minute before Christmas!

First Step: Your Guest Bedroom & Bathroom

Because time is very limited this week, we want you to focus on the absolute must-clean areas. This includes the guest bedroom & bathroom, as you are most likely to have guests staying over this weekend.

We are saving the kitchen and the living room as the next step, because they are more likely to get messy during the week.

Now, let’s get to the chase!

Your bathroom can be the best place to start because this is the type of room where you want your cleaning products to sit on the surface for 10 – 15 minutes while you are doing something else.

If you are in a hurry, don’t forget about the most important steps: decluttering, taking the trash out, cleaning the toilet and quickly wiping the sink and the mirror.

You have many amazing DIY cleaning solutions to try and clean your bathroom really quickly. For example, you can check our Bathroom Cleaning Guide. You might not even need to clean the shower if your guests are not planning on using it.

While your cleaning products are acting on your bathroom, it’s time to return quickly to your guest bedroom.

Obviously, it is important to make the bed, vacuum your floors and refreshen your room. Just opening up a window and lighting a candle (if it’s a Christmas-themed candle, even better!) 30 minutes before guests arrive would be a great touch.

Leaving one or two “bonus” items is always nice to welcome your guests. It can be anything from a breakfast table, a bathrobe, a throw blanket or some sweets.

Don’t forget to make some room for luggage and storage! It is not uncommon to have your guests stay for an entire week or two. In that case, remember to make some room in the closet for their belongings.

Second Step: Cleaning Your Kitchen Before Christmas

Our two suggested areas are the kitchen and the living room afterward.

The kitchen and the living room can be switched if you don’t plan on spending too much time with your guests in this room.

In this case, try to focus on preparation areas and any appliances that you are going to need. Ovens and grills are popular choices for obvious reasons. All your countertops should be decluttered and cleaned thoroughly to prevent bacteria, viruses or anything else that might come into contact with your food.

Remember it is extremely important to consider the materials you have in your kitchen (countertops, cabinets, appliances) and choose the right product for each surface.

For example, vinegar or citric acid are often suggested as cleaning products, but they don’t work properly on granite and marble countertops and can even cause staining.

We know time is a very important constraint here (you must be reading this within 24 hours of Christmas!). If you have very little time, focus on at least one area for preparation and on your appliances. You will probably need to apply a degreasing or deodorizing product (e.g., oven cleaner, dish soap, baking soda).

Take into consideration this in order to leave the cleaning product to act on the surface while you are taking care of something else.

Check our guide for cleaning kitchen items and major appliances to get more info!

Cleaning Kitchen Before Christmas Eve - Emily's Maids

Third Step: Cleaning Your Living Room Before Christmas

Your living room is the area where your guests will gather to spend quality time and celebrate the holidays. It needs to be extra clean and organized to make all our guests comfortable!

First, you need to take care of your furniture.

If you have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner it would be perfect to use it now to deep clean your couch. However, take into consideration that you will need a few hours of sunlight to dry naturally your sofa and other pieces of upholstery.

If you don’t have one, try using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning agent such as baking soda or vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing stains if you come across them.

In any case, you need to check the care tag first to decide if you are going to use a water-based cleaner, solvent-based cleaner or just a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you declutter your coffee tables, TV stands, and nightstands because your guests will need some room for their drinks and food, smartphones and board games.

Quickly wiping them with a microfiber cloth is usually effective enough to remove dust and grime. It needs to be slightly damp in a mild cleaning agent, such as vinegar.

A 1:1 rubbing alcohol and water is effective too, but using it frequently can cause discoloration on some surfaces.

Cleaning and Tidying Your bedroom before Christmas - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Bonus: Clean Your Entryway Before Christmas

Because this is a special event where you are receiving friends and family, it is important to prepare your entryway to create a great first impression.

The must-have cleaning steps for your entryway: sweeping and/or vacuuming your surface, cleaning your coats/shoes rack and removing odors.

Remove odors, especially if you have pets. They usually leave hair, dandruff and bacteria, which causes odor that we slowly get used to. A floor deodorizer would be ideal in this case.

Your coats and/or shoes rack will probably need to be cleaned as well. Depending on the material you can use a stainless-steel cleaner, or a microfiber cloth with a drop of mineral oil (for wooden racks). Even spraying a 1:1 white vinegar and water mix should be plenty enough.

Of course, leave some space in your racks for your guests to hang their coats and shoes!

Similar to our suggestion for the bathroom, you can use a Christmas-scented candle to impress guests as soon as they walk in.

This should take you around 15 – 20 minutes, and you probably want to save this room for last as it is not going to be an area where guests will spend too much time at!

Organizing and cleaning shoes and coats rack - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Emily’s Maids Cleaning Checklist Before Christmas

We’ve decided to compact all the essential cleaning areas and tasks in this super short cleaning guide. We’re leaving an extra slot empty so you can fill it out with those particular areas you want to add to your list.

Feel free to open the image below and print it out to make it easier to follow the process during the day!

Emily's Maids Christmas Cleaning Checklist


We know this is an extremely busy time for you, so we want you to take this opportunity for cleaning before Christmas Eve and still preserve time and energy to enjoy with your friends and family.

Here is a quick summary of our recommendations:

Start with the guest bedroom & bathrooms if you are planning on having guests! That way you can forget about them once they’re ready until your guests arrive.

Next, move on to the kitchen. You are probably planning on cooking a Christmas meal right now, so make sure you have a cleared-out surface for preparing your meals, and your stove or appliance ready for cooking as well.

Then it’s time for your living area. Prioritize the areas where your guests will spend the most time. If you have a large L-shaped couch, it needs to be cleaned and deodorized. If possible, clean any rugs and coffee tables. Pretty much by decluttering and wiping surfaces your living room will look great!

Always check your cleaning products on small, inconspicuous areas first to ensure you are not damaging your material or surface in any way.

Don’t forget to check our blog for more cleaning tips. We hope we can bring a lot more content this upcoming year: anything from DIY cleaning solutions to organizing and decluttering tips.

Merry Christmas!

The Benefits of a Clean Home

November 15, 2022 by emilysmaids

The benefits of a clean home - Emily's Maids of Dallas

Hello! We’re back with more cleaning tips for you! This time we are going to list some of the benefits of a clean home.

Having a clean home is somewhat of an overstatement and understatement at the same time. We all know it is important and good to us, but you might not know how so or the different ways that it impacts your life and well-being.

In this article, you will find that cleaning your home not only makes your place look nice and beautiful, but will also give your home a bright, positive vibe. It can impact (for good!) your physical and mental health.

We all know that the benefits of a clean home take time and energy, though. You can always contact Emily’s Maids of Dallas, our professional cleaning service in Dallas, Grapevine, Southlake, and Flower Mound.  

Or, if you prefer to clean by yourself, you can read our guides for creating the perfect cleaning schedule for you during the week.

Let’s go through each point to find out, step by step, why having your home cleaned is more important than you think. Enjoy!

Why Do We Clean?

Since we were kids, we have been always taught to brush our teeth, take a shower, wash our clothes, and so on. And we all know that we feel good after taking a nice shower or even after washing our hands. This feeling is comparable to cleaning your home.

It’s clear that, sometimes, we are driven by social and hygienic norms that “demand” us to keep our homes clean. Other times, we are driven by the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a cleaning or organizing something, such as making our bed.

And other times, we just want to see a change in our home, and a clean home makes a big impact. The truth is, cleaning helps us feel better. Removing cobwebs, wiping our windows, or vacuuming our floors.

After seeing your home deep cleaned after a while, you may notice improvements in your physical and mental health.

The Physical Benefits of a Clean Home

The most direct impact a clean home has on yourself, and your family is related to physical well-being.

First, you have the hygienic purpose of cleaning. By cleaning, sanitizing, and vacuuming your surfaces regularly, you remove grease, lint, and dirt that slowly start to sit on top of your countertops, tables, and your floors.

You are reducing the chance of bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew growing on your surfaces. Think of it this way: you always have microbes flying around in the air, but you don’t see them. If you live in Dallas, you already know the air quality is not great, to begin with.

All they need is a humid, cold area to start growing and set on the surfaces, affecting your health. Mold and mildew, for example, are usually found in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms. If you sanitize surfaces and let airflow and sunlight in, you will stop them from growing and causing you health issues.

Some types of bacteria are able to grow in areas that haven’t been sanitized for up to 48 hours. During that time, they may enter your body. Cross-contamination is also a big risk when you don’t disinfect your kitchen surfaces properly after preparing chicken or meat, for example.

Second, a clean and tidy home helps you avoid accidents. Toys scattered on the floor, dirty cups and plates scattered across your kitchen countertops, and even cleaning products that are in the wrong place and about to spill out. If your home is properly clean and organized, accidents are less likely to happen.

Clean Organized Bathroom - Emily's Maids

The Mental Benefits of Cleaning Your Home

Besides taking care of your body, you are also taking care of your mind. A clean home is able to reduce stress levels, help you be more focused, and help you rest better.

Research has shown that some cleaning chores as doing the dishes, improve your state of mindfulness. Seeing that beds are made, countertops are clean and free of clutter, and windows and doors look shiny, certainly won’t harm your mood when you get home!

Other studies have talked about the changes in mood and sleep habits that happen when your home is clean. When you go to sleep on a bed that has been cleaned, you have fewer dust mites and lint floating around that cause you to sneeze or that increase your allergy symptoms.

If you think about it, the sole fact of physical movement helps with your mental health. As long as they are not too demanding or recurring, they can give you a bit more energy and motivation for the rest of your day.

The Negative Effects of a Messy Home

It’s interesting to see it the other way around: what do we associate a messy, dirty house with? It tends to be related to people that are not in their best mental health state. A messy home does not define us, but it is certainly a good indicator of our mental and emotional state. 

A house that is not cleaned or maintained frequently will increase our chances of getting health complications because of mold, bacteria, or virus. It will also make us feel bad. Seeing the house looking messier and messier can increase our anxiety, our stress and kill our mood.

As you can see, a messy home can be both cause or consequence of going through a rough patch in our life. Seeing that the bed is not made, the dishes are waiting to get into the dishwasher, and your floors need some sweeping and mopping, can be discouraging and keep us in a negative cycle.

And that is ok! We all have ups and downs in our life, and that shows in the way we interact with our environment. A clear mind often translates to a clean house, and the same goes for a foggy, overwhelmed mind.

However, we have to try our best and get back on our feet. Unsurprisingly, cleaning is a great therapy! It is a form of stress relief and will keep your mind occupied for a few hours. Even if you just clean for 10 minutes each day, you’re making progress! As you go through your home, you will feel better and better.

Messy cluttered bedroom

How to Clean Your Home Without Getting Overwhelmed

We know that a clean home comes with many benefits. But, as we mentioned earlier, this also has a downside: you might feel overwhelmed or tired after trying to “keep up” with a clean home.

The truth is, unless you are leaving this in the hands of a professional cleaning service, there is not much more you can do. It is all about trial and error and finding the checklist and the schedule that works for you.

The same cleaning routine is not going to work for everybody. In fact: it won’t even work for you after a couple of months or even weeks!

A good strategy to avoid frustration is to include your family as part of the cleaning schedule. Make sure they are age-appropriate tasks and that everyone is happy with their tasks.

If you do not have a routine that is working for you, start small and slowly work your way up. You might want to switch things up every other week or every month, for example. This way, no one feels “stuck” with their tasks, and you will not get frustrated in the long run.

Remember you also can also hire a professional cleaning service. We have talked about the benefits of getting professional cleaners to take care of your house In the past. With a cleaning service, you can dedicate extra time to spend quality time with your family, go out with your friends, or even have fun on your own!

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to ask for extra help. Having the responsibility of cleaning and organizing your home on your own takes a tremendous toll on your mental well-being. If you are not careful, this can be even worse for your mental health than not cleaning.

Divide cleaning tasks with your family members - Emily's Maids


We hope these tips helped you learn more about the benefits of a clean home. If you don’t know where to start, remember we have a cleaning guide so make sure to check that one out! Also, our fellas from Dallas Maids posted some tips for Fall cleaning if you want to find more info.

As we discussed earlier, a clean home comes with many physical and mental health benefits. A messy come can be either a cause or a consequence of us not being in our best state.

Remember to start slow, include your family in the cleaning schedule, and don’t be afraid to ask for extra help if you need it. Consistency is more important than having a spotless home once every quarter and then losing that momentum.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in hiring a professional cleaning service! Emily’s Maids’ goal is always to make our customers’ lives easier and happier and remove stress from having to clean an entire home.

We will be back soon with more cleaning tips for our followers!

House Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

September 2, 2022 by emilysmaids

House Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers - Emily's Maids

Hi! We’re happy to be back with a new cleaning article this week, and today we will be giving you cleaning tips for home sellers.

Selling your home is a challenge for many reasons. Everything from taking the decision to sell, figuring out the moving out process, getting in contact with real estate agents and potential buyers… it’s all a huge challenge when you’re trying to balance out your regular work and life routine in the process.

Then, on top of that, you have to worry about keeping your home clean and tidy. Not only for you, but you have to be extra careful if you want to make it attractive to potential buyers. Everyone knows that a spotlessly clean house will increase your home value.

Today we’ve gathered cleaning tips for home sellers to leave your potential buyers impressed and ready to make an offer!

Start By Decluttering

The first step to achieving a stunning home is to declutter. More specifically, it’s about carefully choosing everything that is part of each room. And you can’t do that without removing everything unnecessary for that area to look great.

Small knick-knacks, kid’s toys scattered on the floor, and dozens of frames or books, are all examples of items that will make the room look overwhelming and smaller than it is.

You will leave a good impression if all areas are clear, if they can walk around each area without any obstacles and if the room looks cohesive and all items balance each other out nicely.

Besides, it is important to declutter your home occasionally, whether you sell your house or not. Research has shown there’s a connection between cleaning and mental health. The process is very similar, it’s just that this time you want to focus on that area being functional to a wider audience instead of personalized to your family.

The items that go away can be separated onto four boxes: donate, sell, recycle, or discard.

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If possible, take every item out of each room and evaluate what you want users to look at. Do not buy any décor or organizing drawer or basket until you have decided what stays and what goes.

Make sure your closets, cabinets, and drawers are not crowded or full. Especially your closets, because you want people to see their true capacity. If you fill them out with dozens of items, it will make them look tiny and not very functional.

The same goes for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, laundry room, and office.

Decluttering and sorting pieces of clothing

Organize Rooms

Have you ever wondered how they create beautiful, open spaces in design magazines and top-notch homes?

Organizing a room after decluttering is important. You want the potential buyers to have a realistic understanding of what the room is like and the possibilities for it.

On the other hand, you also want the room to “connect” with them, to see themselves and their families living there. Add one or two picture frames with your family, to make it feel like a home.

Everything else (trophies, your kid’s artwork, souvenirs from your trips) will be too “noisy” and will create a distance from potential buyers. Therefore, they should be stored.

In this case, using trial and error is a good opportunity. Organize your furniture in different ways until you find the result that looks the most spacious and balanced.

You can find inspiration on the internet where you will find many ideas for each room. And, of course, make sure everything is squeaky clean, and shiny!

Mopping Wooden Floors - Emily's Maids

Deep Clean Your Home Before Selling

It’s so important to give your house a full deep cleaning. That’s one of the most important cleaning tips for home sellers.

Think of it this way: you get used to every detail in your home, and that includes the not-so-positive ones. A stain on the floor, a carpet that smells like your dog permanently, watermarks in the mirrors, dusty fans, and so on.

However, your potential buyers will definitely notice this and will not be impressed.

This is why, after decluttering, a nice full home cleaning should be on the way.

At this point, you might be wondering: should I clean first or organize first?

That’s a very good question! It’s not easy because both of these tasks are important, and in some areas, it might be counterintuitive to organize without cleaning and vice versa.

There’s not a perfect answer for this. You can try cleaning permanent items and large surfaces or areas right after decluttering, for example. This includes vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning walls, wiping and polishing light fixtures, etc.

If you are doing this on your own, make sure you bring the right supplies for deep cleaning, especially for large areas such as your floors. A steam cleaner, an upholstery and carpet cleaner, a drill brush attachment, and a good mop are all good tools to start with.

You will also need a concentrated all-purpose cleaner, plenty of anti-static microfiber cloths, and a brush for each area of your home.

There are many guides for deep cleaning your home on the internet, but every house is a different world. Try to “scan” each room with your eyes from top to bottom and left to right, and check that you have cleaned every single item you come across.

In the next section, we’ll share some tips for each major area.

How to Clean Each Room as a Home Seller

After deep cleaning your home, you have one of the hardest challenges ahead of you: keeping your home clean while you’re in the selling process.

First, make sure your home is free of mold and mildew. This is a priority because it is not only an aesthetic issue but a health hazard as well.

Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Use a mold-removing agent such as bleach or cleaners with bleach to remove mold from your shower door or curtain, floor, and wall tiles and grout between them.

Then, decide if you are going to deep clean your floors, and walls with a sweep or an industrial floor scrubber. You might also want to search for floor restoration services. This could be helpful if you have wooden floors that have been not waxed in a long time, for example.

If you don’t, at least make sure to sweep and vacuum your floors, and use a deodorizer when cleaning them, especially if you have pets. Our noses get used to the smell, but potential buyers will notice if there is one.

This is important for pretty much every area in your home for different reasons. Your living room and bedrooms are where your family spends most of the time, and floors will preserve the odor of bacteria, sweat, pet hair and dander, etc.

And then in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, the smells and grease will concentrate as well, so it’s important to remove grease, soap scum, food residues, and so on.

Don’t forget to vacuum your pieces of furniture inside out, including underneath and behind them. Remember to clean bookshelves, picture frames, clocks, and other pieces of décor.  Of course, wipe surfaces as well with a cleaning agent according to the material.

Cleaning and wiping bookshelves for home selling

Keep Your Home Spotless

After deep cleaning your home, you have one of the hardest challenges ahead of you: keeping your home clean while you’re in the selling process.

This is understandable because while you’re trying to sell your house, you and your family are still living there.

The trick is to deep clean once, and then clean every day to keep up with your home and make sure it still looks outstanding.

With opaque organizing baskets, you will be able to store day-to-day items such as office supplies, kids’ toys, cookware, plates and glasses, and anything else you can think of that you need to use every day.

You could also choose a small part of your closet as a designated “junk zone” for that same purpose.

Use plastic grocery bags as trash bags and hang them on the doors of your bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen. This way, your trashcan will always stay squeaky clean, and you will always remember to take out the trash before any potential buyers or agents come.

Junk Basket or Junk Zone for Clutter

Hire a Cleaning Service to Sell Your Home

The last tip we wanted to talk about is hiring a professional cleaning service for deep cleaning your home. Most, if not all, allow you to point out the areas you want them to focus on the most.

They also offer a move-out cleaning service which will be perfect if you want to leave and keep your furniture, leaving your home empty for the new owners.

For example, Emily’s Maids cleaning service in Dallas is already trained for different events and needs, including this one (selling your home).

As we mentioned above, you can also search for specialized floor maintenance services. For example, carpet cleaning services or wooden floor treatment services. They work using industrial equipment and professional cleaning techniques to restore your floors and make them look nice and shiny.

They might represent a small monetary investment, but at the end of the day, floors that look brand new will increase your house value.

Mopping Wooden and Tile Floor


Getting your home spotless and keeping it that way is a huge challenge. We hope these cleaning tips for home sellers help you impress your potential buyers and sell your home for a huge profit!

And remember, you always have the chance of hiring a cleaning service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We’ll be happy to leave your home looking stunning!  

Check our blog for more cleaning tips. We’ll be back soon!

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