AirBnB Policy & Procedures

Procedures for AirBnB and Short Term Rentals

Emily’s Maids policies and procedures to ensure quality service and issue resolution for our AirBnB and short term rental customers. These guideline are a modification from our normal procedures due to the time-sensitivity of short term rentals.

Emily’s Maids AirBnB Services Introduction

Onboarding New Hosts

Checkout Instructions

Late Cancellation

Linen Services

Early Check-in

Late Checkout

Job Bigger Than Average


Unable to Access

Missed Items

Terms & Conditions


Emily’s Maids AirBnB Services Introduction

Sent to customers who are interested in our vacation rental services. 

[create video and place here]


Onboarding New Hosts

  1. After they approve the price and you confirm availability…
  2. Ask Client to fill out (or fill out the form for the customer) New Customer Onboarding Form: (Need to add an email form of the following):
    • How many beds and what are their sizes? Please include any pull out couches in your bed count. Example: 3 Queens and 1 Twin.
    • Which Linen Service will you be using?
      • Linen Rental Service
      • On Site Linen Service
      • No Linen Service Needed
    • Do you allow pets at your property? [yes/no]
    • When was the last time your property was Deep Cleaned? [date]
    • Would you like us to perform an initial Deep Cleaning (recommended)? [yes/no]
    • Please share the link to your AirBnB/VBRO/HomeAway? This helps us to get a first look of your place, your set-up, your standards, etc.
    • If Airbnb, would you like for us to be listed as a co-host and have access to your calendar for automated scheduling? [yes/no] Instructions on how to add Emily’s Maids.
    • What time is check-in? (Emily’s Maids requires 3pm or later)
    • What time is check-out? (Emily’s Maids requires 11:00am or earlier)
    • Please provide your Guest Check-out Instructions. (Send them our Instructions)
    • Which supplies and replenishments do you provide for your guests that need to be replaced or re-stocked every turnover?
    • Do we need to be careful with any surface or material? Which floor types are there? Do you have an outdoor space that needs to be cleaned?
  1. Once Completed, copy and paste the data from the form into their Customer Profile Notes
  2. If using Airbnb, then send this link to host on how to add a co-hosting information…
  3. In L27, add Tag: STR (for Short Term Rental) or AirBnB
  4. Book cleanings as they are scheduled


Checkout Instructions

Send the checkout instructions to the AirBnB host during onboarding. Standardizing the checkout procedures among out AirBnB clients will allow us to provide consistent, quality service for our clients.

Dear guest, we hope you enjoyed your stay. Could we get your help ensuring the next guest has a good stay, too? Please do the following before departing:

👉 To allow our cleaners time needed to whip the property back into shape for the next guest, checkout is promptly at 11:00am.

👉 Place all dirty dishes in dishwasher and start dishwasher on a regular cycle.

👉 Place all sheets, pillowcases, and towels in the washer and start on regular cycle.

👉 Throw out all garbage.

👉 Report any damages and/or breakages in a reasonably timely manner.

👉Turn off all lights.


Linen Services

Two options for linen service:

  1. Wash On-Site – If just one load of laundry, a solo cleaner has time to wash laundry on-site. If so, when adding or editing booking, select “Load of Laundry” under “Select Extras”.
  2. Linen Service – If there is insufficient time to clean the bed sheets at the rental, then outsourcing to a linen service. Laundry is usually dropped of on front porch on specified delivery day. Some hosts may have drop-off boxes.
    • Local linen service options in Dallas:
    • Emily’s Maids’ markup of $2.25/lb if we handle linen for host.

Late Cancellation

$70.00 at door cancellation fee. (same as Emily’s Maids normal cancellation fee)


Early Check-In (Unapproved)

Notify host the guests have arrived early and how we handled the situation:

“Unfortunately, your rental is not ready at this time. In order to allow us to work more efficiently, would you mind waiting outside while we complete the cleaning? We should be done by [insert estimated time].”


Late Checkout

  1. Have cleaners take pic of guest and immediately text to manager. The time stamp on phone when pic is sent is evidence.
  2. Contact owner with evidence and explain our policy.
  3. If 30 min or more passed check-out time, then charge a $75 fee.
  4. Notate Customer’s Profile 

Job Is Bigger Than Average

The cleaners find the property is dirtier than expected and will require more time to complete.

  1. Have cleaner take and send photos.
  2. Contact host with an explanation.
  3. Add appropriate amount to the cleaning fee based on extra time required to clean.
  4. Notate Customer’s Profile .


  1. Gather all parking information when onboarding each new customer. 
  2. If a parking pass is needed, then request that the host store extra copies in their owner’s closet. 
  3. Treat parking passes like keys – do not store take responsibility for them and store them. 
  4. Ensure cleaning teams return all parking passes when they complete the cleaning.
  5. Add Parking details to Customer Profile Notes

NOTE: we are not responsible for any parking fees that a provider may acquire during cleaning


Unable To Access Property

  1. Gather evidence/reason from cleaners
  2. Pass it along to the host and attempt to resolve the situation before the cleaning team leaves.
  3. If the situation is unable to be resolved in 30 minutes, then allow your cleaning team to move along to their next cleaning.
  4. Notate Customer’s Profile 

NOTE: We do not charge a cancellation fee if the cleaning team is unable to provide evidence for the reason they could not access or clean the property.


Missed Items

  1. Sympathize with the host and take full responsibility for the missed area(s).
  2. Check the schedule and confirm a time that cleaners can re-clean the area(s) missed.
  3. Inform the host when you will be able to return so that they can make the guests aware.
  4. Make sure not to make any false promises to the host when they receive a complaint. This will make matters worse.
  5. Notate customers profile
  6. Notate cleaners profile

NOTE: Best communicate via email listing the items your cleaners will be returning to the property to re-clean.

Outside 24 hours from cleaning:

  1. Inform the host about our policy and fees
  2. Contact the cleaning team that was responsible and schedule a time for them to promptly return to the property to re-clean the areas in question.
  3. Create new booking for re-cleaning in order to charge the customer appropriately.
  4. Notate the customer’s profile


  1. We Stand by Our Service – If you’d like to cancel for any reason whatsoever, just call anytime to end service. There is no contract that locks you in.
  2. Missed Areas – If any areas are missed, let us know within 24 hours of guest check-in and we’ll return within 24 hours to clean those areas. We must be notified within 24 hours after guest check-in because it is difficult to determine if the missed areas were due to our team or had become dirty after the guest had check-in.
  3. Cancellation Fee – You may reschedule, skip, or cancel any of your cleanings. Provide a 48-hour notice of any of these actions. Without a 48-hour notice there is a $70.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations will be charged on credit card.
  4. Distraction Free Job Environment – The cleaning staff needs to be able to work freely and without distractions and with access to running water and electricity in order for our cleaners to complete the job. If the housekeeper is subject to distractions, it will affect their ability to work and he/she may not efficiently complete work. If the cleaner is unable to clean due to distractions, the Property Owner will be liable for a $70.00 cancellation fee.
  5. Parking & Accessing Property – Please provide detailed parking instructions, gate codes, garage passes, etc. in order our team are able to quickly park, avoid parking violations, and walk to the property. The property’s main entry must have a lockbox or an electronic lock in order for cleaner to access property.
  6. Limits of Liability – Emily’s Maids assumes no liability for damage or loss of items that are not secured in a proper manner, or previously damaged before cleaning. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, or dings in furniture that were there before we cleaned). Further, Housekeeper will assume no liability for damage or loss caused by the negligence of the customer or guest.
  7. Collaboration & Non-Solicitation
    • a) Collaboration is solely by and between Emily’s Maids and the Property Owner and can take place via email, phone, or any other mean proposed.
    • b) While this agreement is in effect, the Property Owner is not allowed to directly hire (directly pay) or work with the housekeeper provided unless the Property Owner pays a referral fee (see paragraph d).
    • c) After the Property Owner has ended its collaboration with Emily’s Maids, the Property Owner is not allowed to directly hire or work with the Housekeeper without written consent from Emily’s Maids. In the alternative, if Property Owner fails to seek written consent, then Property Owner shall not directly hire or work with housekeeper prior to the expiration of one year from the date this Agreement. In either event, the referral fee described in paragraph (d) below is expected to be paid in a timely fashion.
    • d) The Property Owner may also pay a referral fee of $2,750.00 to Emily’s Maids after six months of services are provided if the Property Owner wants to hire and work with the housekeeper directly ($2,750.00 per Housekeeper).
    • e) If Property Owner fails to pay the above-described exit fee, then Emily’s Maids shall reserve the right to pursue a claim for damages. Both parties acknowledge the difficulty of calculating damages under this non-compete clause. As such, both parties agree that in the event of any violations, Emily’s Maids will be entitled to liquidated damages of $15,000, set for the purpose of discouraging violations, which liquidated damages are to be awarded in favor of Emily’s Maids and against Property Owner.
  8. Setting Expectations – Although the housekeepers are professionals, they are not miracle workers. Sometimes they are called in too late to correct damage that is already done, or items may take a couple of cleanings to look their best. We will work with you and the housekeeper in the most cost-effective way to try to remedy these spots in your home.
  9. Additional Requests – Emily’s Maids requires a 48 hours’ notice for any additional requests from the Property Owner. We will be happy to accommodate you if we are capable of handing the additional request(s). Please note the price may be adjusted for additional requests.
  10. Biohazards – Emily’s Maids do not deal with biohazards such as feces, urine, overflowed toilet, etc. We will be happy to refer a Bio Hazard cleaning service is requested.
  11. Bigger Than Average Jobs – If the job is bigger than “Average”, Emily’s Maids reserves the right to bill for the additional time in order to properly complete the job.
  12. Early Arrival – Guests are not permitted on property while the team is cleaning. If guests enter property while we are still cleaning and it is before check-in time, then Emily’s Maids is not responsible for any cleaning quality complaints.
  13. Late Checkout – Guest should vacate the property at the specified check-out time so our cleaning team has time to complete the job, especially in situations where the guest has left the property in worse than average condition and another guest is set to arrive the same day. If the Guest is not out within 15 minutes after check-out, $70 fee will be applied.
  14. Cleaning Rates – If the guest stays a week or less, weekly clean rate will be charged. If guest stays between a week and 2 weeks, then bi-weekly rate will be charged. If guest stays between 2 weeks and 4 weeks, then monthly clean rate will be charged. If guest has stayed for more than 4 weeks, then the one-time cleaning fee will be charged.
  15. Owner’s Closet – Hosts are responsible for fully stocking owner’s closet with all essential rental needs. Lockbox or electronic lock are recommended for closets.
  16. Restocking Items – Our crew will restock requested items. We will inform you when supplies are running low.

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