From House Cleaning to Blog Cleaning

by admin - January 25, 2013

Ok, yes, we are noobs! At least at setting up blogs apparently. We caught a nasty little virus yesterday, maybe you have heard of it: The Blackhole exploit kit. But the good news is we found it, squished it and plugged up the tiny crack where it had gotten in.

Our site is clean as a whistle now thanks to our fabulous webmaster Shane, so a big high five for Shane! He double dog dares you to scan this site, it is C-L-E-A-N!

The only bummer is that in our thorough fumigation of the blog some stuff got moved and we lost all of our previous comments. 🙁 Sorry folks! But hey, we are comment friendly as always so hit us up if you have something to add.

The Good News: We have lots of awesome posts scheduled for this month AND we got our RSS feed up so hit that little orange button to stay tuned!


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